Create A Pleasing Unboxing Experience With Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Create A Pleasing Unboxing Experience With Custom Printed Shipping Boxes
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Corrugated boxes have been the staple packaging material for the shipping industry for a long time now. Custom printed shipping boxes are an upgrade form of these materials that also give room for modification to suit the branding requirements of senders.

Whether the shipment is across the country or continents, these boxes are sturdy enough to hold almost any type of item without worrying the sender of their security along the way. This is one of the reasons that corrugated paper has and will always be in demand as far as shipping is concerned.

Flexibility is another positive facet of this material. It can take innovative shapes and fit perfectly with the products. this factor has led them to be created with custom designs that intrigue customers more strongly. Even though technological advancements have given more shipping options, corrugated boxes remain the standard of packaging in this field.

Our experts predict that these customized boxes will continue to sustain in the markets owing to the benefits described below.

Benefit 1: Custom dimensions keep a healthy proportion with box weight

Shipping can be an expensive procedure. The boxes add to the products’ weight and costs as well. Nearly all freight companies use DMI (dimensional weight pricing). This pricing mechanism penalizes companies that use large boxes irrespective of their product size. A simple investment in corrugated stock can solve this problem. This stock can be customized so it is of the apt dimensions that minimize wastages and similarly, the courier expenses.

Moreover, well-fitted boxes secure products better with a firm hold. This means that the products will be prone to less damages and be effectively delivered to the customers. So, not only will your cost structures look better, but the brand can also enjoy a better customer demand due to reliable product deliveries.
Custom printed shipping boxes

Benefit 2: The customized stock is a cheaper option

Let us face it; all businesses are bound by their ability to spend. Filling materials and box sizes can add significantly to overall costs. These must be chosen wisely for the expenses to remain within reasonable levels.

Corrugated paper is affordable and offers recyclability that allows it to be used multiple times. Businesses can use it conveniently for a variety of purposes within a reasonable cost level. These cost-savings can be passed on to the buyers in the form of lowered prices and/or enable manufacturers and distributors to use these on improving their products and overall business functions. Either way, the result would be a plus point for the venture.

What happens when the products are delivered right? Obviously, it elevates the brand’s repute and gives it extra strength over rivals. Customers highly prefer brands that stick to their word in delivering the contents just as promised.

Benefit 3: Pushes-up brand perception

Custom printed shipping boxes can have a robust impact on the brand value every step of the shipping & distribution process. Boxes that look great generate worthwhile value for money even before the boxes are opened. As e-commerce is growing, so are the customer expectations of the delivered boxes. they want them to be functional and impressive.

Presentation and safety are two important elements of shipping. Businesses cannot do without either. Custom additions can make the corrugated boxes into effective storing and appealing marketing tools that immediately spark interest in the brand. Glossy, matte, and Spot UV laminations add both sparkles and protect the boxes from possible scratches during transit.

Many other custom features can elevate the unboxing vibe too. Customers can get a personalized feel with custom box shapes, vibrant shades, lively patterns that go well with the contents, and many more custom additions that can make a huge impact on the receivers.

Benefit 4: Speeds up delivery time for customers.

Not just the state of the products received, the time also matters for buyers. They want their orders to be delivered right and on time (possibly even quicker than committed by sellers).

Custom corrugated boxes provide a comprehensive solution to shipping. The packaging units impress at the first sight and give a reliable brand image. E-commerce is gaining momentum by the minute. Competition is also on the rise. As distributors, it is vital that you keep up with this growth. The boxes are the biggest tool in this race.

The corrugated stock is readily available around the year. It can be obtained in any quantity and whenever required.

How printing makes the shipment process productive?

Custom box printing is a good way to communicate branding while the boxes are traveling. It is, after all, a crucial tactic to spread a high level of brand awareness. Enthusiastic customers look for the brand they feel intrigued about.

Printing the corrugated stock has endless capabilities. All the sides can be involved in the process and can be used to convey a plethora of brand info. Such as:

  • Handling and storing info.
  • The nature of the contents.
  • Projecting the brand logo and name in creative formats with varied inks and colors.
  • Gives an unconventional product accessing experience that buyers can cherish for a long time.

The recent wave of social media product reviews has taken the shipping industry by storm. It has pushed the need for change. The boxes with custom alterations are needed to fulfill this current trend.

Anything ranging from creative lock systems, personal notes inside the boxes, welcoming feel, and engaging brand tone combined can enhance the brand’s chances of appearing in such videos. If you are a distributor, it is equally important that to keep pushing up sales, your boxes must accompany the products everywhere.

Is the effort worth it?

The benefits of customized boxes for shipping are already explained. It is definitely worthwhile to put in that little bit of effort that translates into a unique brand identity.


It is a matter of fact that custom printed shipping boxes are the basic requirement for distributors and manufacturers if they eye market domination. Customizing them can get you more benefits with branding done right!

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