3 Benefits of Using Custom Name Badges

custom name badges
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Did you know that branded swag can foster team spirit and improve your employees’ morale? In turn, this can raise their motivation and increase productivity. But, most swag ends up forgotten on a shelf somewhere covered in dust.

So, how do you capture the benefits of branded swag while providing your employees with something they will use every day? The answer is custom name badges. If your team requires name tags, this is the best way to inspire creativity, build team spirit, and increase productivity.

If you’re not convinced, this article will cover all the benefits of custom name badges. Read on to learn more!

1. Show Your Employees You Care

Today, lots of companies get flack for treating their employees as dispensable. It makes workers feel like unappreciated cogs instead of members of the team and causes them to put less effort into their work.

Welcoming a new employee with a custom name badge is a great way to show that you’re invested in them and you see them staying with the company for a long time. It might seem like a small gesture, but your employees will pick up on it!

If there is an onboarding period, you can start your employees with a generic “Trainee” badge, and present them with the custom name badge after they have completed the training phase. This will help them feel accepted as a long-term member of the team.

2. Allow for Self Expression

Beyond just having a name badge for your brand, you can allow your employees to design their own badges. With badges like the ones at www.bestnamebadges.com, they can choose a logo or add a fun fact about their personality. This can help them seem more approachable in a client-facing role.

If a fun fact is not quite right for your brand, you can add the employee’s credentials and responsibilities to their name badges. This can help clients feel more comfortable with the employee’s experience and will help the employee feel valued for their tenure at the company. This can help your employees build relationships with customers.

3. Create a Brand

If your employees are all wearing custom name badges with a logo, it can help make your team look more cohesive. It can be a great way to lend an air of professionalism to the environment.

If you have a strict uniform policy, this can help everyone remain consistent. Likewise, if you have a more laid-back uniform policy a name badge for your brand can be the unifying factor among your employees. Not only does this look good for customers, but it will also foster team spirit among your workers!

Use Custom Name Badges for Your Team

Although they might seem like a small detail, custom name badges can bring your team’s morale to a new level. You’ll find your employees feel more valued and connected to your brand, and this can help make them more productive. It can also help reduce employee turnover.

Try out some custom name badges for your team and you’re sure to see the difference. For more pieces about productivity and networking opportunities, check out our blog!

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