Décor Ideas to Transform Your Room Instantly – Exotic

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Sometimes we get bored by just looking at the same design curtains, paint, floor tiles, bedsheets and we just want to change the whole look instantly. But you must not be having a friendly budget at that time or must not be available to work for days to do this all or to hire an interior designer. Most people do it all by themselves and enjoy doing such innovative and decoring ideas with the help of some articles on the internet or any YouTube video, some may hire a specialist from style me interior services. Here we are providing you with some top ideas and you can use the simple decor ideas from these which are listed below.

Décor Ideas to Transform Your Room Instantly - Exotic

It’s not easy to select the paint colour you can take help from internet or any friend for this. But trust your intuitions as if you want to paint black colour just it paint it right way don’t think it will be too dark or anything else. Most people use other colours so try black it will give your room a unique and different look.

  • Style an empty fireplace:

The fireplace is only used during winter seasons and the remaining days it is just empty standing there. Try to decorate it with some artwork, flower paints, or beautiful colours paper. Most

people do not pay attention to these little things but you can make a difference by just putting in a little extra effort.

  • Create a cosy Reading spot:

It’s very amazing to spend some time reading while living in the dreams to escape the realities. So try to put some comfy furniture into this little spot and put comfy table chairs and pillows on sofas. Make a cupboard for placing and arranging the books to find them out and to look good.

  • Focus on windows:

Windows are the best sources for sunlight in the winter and fresh air in the summer season. Just put a little effort into the decoration of windows by placing good fabrics and texture curtains.

Also, pay attention to the colour of the curtains and the design of the fabric must be like a little flower as it will add to the beauty of the whole room. You can also use the same fabric for cushions or sofa covers.

  • Decorate the Entryway:

While changing the decor of the room there must be a special focus on the decoration of the entryway. Just put some fancy hangings on the front of the door or put any welcome notes or any quotes frame. You can also put a mirror on the wall beside the door and put a table to put any vase or flowers on it.

  • Use a throw pillow:

Throw pillows are very comfortable & cosy and putting them on the bed will be very relaxing. They are available in different colours, textures of fabrics, and stuff. They can be also used while floor bedding as they provide easy support to the body.

  • Art frames:

You can also put art frames on the room walls as it may enhance the beauty of the room. Different antiques can also be used for this purpose simply just put them on the side table or any other table or shelf present in the room. You can also use the family picture frame for this as it may be very pleasant to look at it while in the room.

  • Install a canopy:

If you want to look like a royal one then it’s the best idea to put install a canopy onto your bed. This will perfectly hang and add to the beauty of your room. You can also put a dream catcher into your room these are available in different designs and sometimes lights are present in it to enhance the amazing look of the room at night.

  • Use wallpapers:

It’s not always the case that you just put the wallpapers on the wall when the paint is damaged you can also use it to make the difference in the look of the room. Just choose a wallpaper

colour and design and simply put it on wallpaper. This will change the entire look of the room by just a simple step.

  • Use layer Rugs:

It’s a very unique idea to put layering rugs of different colour, texture and design that are matching to the decor of the room. These will look amazing if selected well according to the suited colours schemes.


There are plenty of ideas to change the decor of a room or to renovate it like changing the furniture, painting the floors, painting the tiles, redesigning the walls, focusing on the ceiling  and much more but you can pick them according to the time & budget available at your end. The process can be trimmed by hiring a professional from any expert from fit out companies Dubai.


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