Elevation for your back; all thanks to the wedge pillow!

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While working on your laptop, or reading, or even just casually sitting on the bed, we tend to loosen our bodies which results in a bad posture. Studies reveal, at a very young age, people start having a bad posture which results in back and neck pains. It is important to keep our backs straight at all times, but somehow it becomes impossible. Our body becomes restless. Using support for our back is a must to maintain that posture and reduce any sort of pain.

A well-shaped pillow can solve the problem of having a bad posture and reduce pains in the body. A good quality pillow is a must with appropriate filling. It is important to balance out our body parts and provide relief to the affected area.

Elevating the body part which needs support is something that doctors suggest doing. It helps to release pressure and provide support to the affected part.

Wedge Pillow: A wedge pillow is triangular like pillow, especially designed to elevate certain body parts such as legs, feet, back, and neck. Wedge pillows are made of ultra-soft foam, typically memory foam or polyfoam. The triangular shapes make sure the pillow stays in one position keeping the body also intact.

How is a wedge pillow beneficial for your body?

It is important to cater to your body’s needs and choose the correct comforting pillows. While some people may use it for comfort, others may use it for health purposes.

Upright recline: Using a dual wedge pillow while sitting on the bed can help in positioning your back. This can help in uprighting the back while using your laptop, phone, and even reading. It is made of quality foam, and the pillow hugs your body according to the need.

Relieves pressure: Placing the wedge pillow under your knees or feet can reduce pressure on your lower back. This can improve circulation in the legs, reduces numbness, reduces tiredness and soreness in the feet. It is also one of the best relief providers for swollen body parts.

Ideal for pregnant women: Wedgepillows are very vital for pregnant women as they require complete support and rest. Using a wedge pillow while sleeping can provide a good sleep that maintains a healthy body and an appropriate position for the body.

UrbanBed’s wedge pillow:

  • Dual wedge pillow provides much-needed support to the body and improves the sleep cycle.
  • Reduces strain on particular body parts.
  • Best for relaxing the body and correcting the posture.
  • Helps in reducing snoring as it releases tension from the body.
  • This wedge pillow by UrbanBed comes in a universal size.
  • This pillow is made of the best quality and is hypoallergenic. It ensures to keep the user safe from any kind of allergies.
  • Beneficial for asthma patients. It helps with breathing problems.
  • Comes with 120 days trial, free doorstep delivery, and 15 years of warranty.

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