7 Tips for Reducing Email Clutter for Good

email clutter
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Over 51% of people have the same email address as they had ten years ago, and it seems like the longer you have one, the more mail you receive.

Keeping your email tidy and organized is essential to many people, yet it’s not a simple task. If you have trouble with this, you might have way too much email clutter.

Are you tired of this problem? If so, you can take steps to reduce it. But, are you ready to learn the best methods?

Here are seven tips to help you reduce your email clutter.

1. Check Your Email Daily

Cleaning your inbox is easier if you check your email multiple times each day. You may even want to schedule times to go through your emails, devoting 10 to 15 minutes a day to this task.

2. Respond to the Necessary Ones

Another great tip for email cleanup is to respond to the necessary emails during your allotted time slots. Then as you scroll through new emails, respond to as many as possible at that time.

If you can’t respond to all of them at this point, make a point of responding later in the day.

3. Delete the Others

As you learn how to clean out your email inbox, you must develop a habit of deleting all the unimportant ones.

For example, if you have several emails that don’t require a response or that you don’t need, delete them immediately.

4. Unsubscribe to Email Lists

One of the best tools is the “unsubscribe” option most emails include. You can quickly declutter your email if you unsubscribe to emails you never read.

When you subscribed to email lists, you might have thought you’d read them. Of course, if you never have time to read them, there’s no point in receiving them anymore.

5. Use the Spam Option

Another tool to become acquainted with is the spam option. When you get emails you don’t want; you can mark them as spam. Then as you begin making them to spam, you’ll receive fewer junk emails in your inbox.

6. Set Up a Second Email

You might also want to set up a second email to keep things separate. For example, if you have multiple email addresses, you can separate the emails.

You could have one email address for work things and another for hobbies. You could even set up more emails to keep other things separate, and you can read more about this if you’re interested.

7. Archive Important Ones

Finally, you may want to archive the important emails that you want to keep or respond to later. Archiving provides a separate folder for these emails.

Reduce Email Clutter With These Tips

If you can’t seem to get ahead with your emails, you might want to try these tips. They can help you reduce your email clutter, leaving your inbox emptier and cleaner.

Try these tips for a cleaner email if you’re tired of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your email account.

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