English International School | International School In Ghana

English International School | International School In Ghana
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If your child can attend college, here are some tips on which school to choose.

Tip 1

If you have young children, you need to buy a home after you know which school to send your children to, this decision is even more important than the location of your home. In the Marbella area there are some good A-Level schools. The schools are of a high standard. The main language is English.

If your child has the skills to go to college, I prefer the International College of International School in Ghana. The school system has a very good level of entrance to the university. The school teaches according to the IB (International Baccalaureate) system. English is also the primary language of primary school in Ghana.

In the international school, children learn to read, write and present correctly.

There is also a competitive but positive environment. An example is this story contest:

College story contest

Aloha College Story Contest: International Book Day Aloha children from Year 1 to Year 13 are invited to participate, and there will be 2 prizes for each Key Stage (for the best in English and the best in Spanish). The prizes are gift vouchers from the FNAC. The theme of the story will be “Travel”.

Or your attention to the drama:


Following the success of Peter Pan’s Christmas Pantomime, the Year 12 Teatro Artes students decided to surprise audiences again in March with the Greek tragedy of Antigone, by the French playwright Jean Anouilh. Antigone is one of Anoilh’s plays “Plays Black” and is based on Sophocles’ version of the classic tragedy in which the eponymous heroine dies from the crime of offering her dead brother, the rebellious pollinisms, suitable funeral rites despite the decree of King Creon. . who ordered Polynicies to remain unburied and without crying.

Anouil’s work represents an authoritarian regime and reflects the injustice of the World War II occupations in France. Antigone and her uncle, Creon, will face off in this scandalous royal family entanglement that will lead to nothing but death and pain. To describe Antigone as a tragedy is an understatement.

Helen Warrick and her students have worked hard this term to produce a different and controversial play for a more mature audience that showcases the full depth of our multiple talents guided by the study of world theater and multiple genres. We look forward to bringing more entertainment and heartwarming theater to all of our devotees next quarter.

In my own personal life, I have been the victim of the belief that I could “handle” stress regardless of the situation. I found it to be a decent multitasker and prided myself on always being like a straight line that is never too high or too low. With this, I found myself adding stresses to my life often that were unnecessary and of no benefit. I could handle it.

Well, at the age of 35, I came across 7 health food stores, 3 wellness clinics, a natural products manufacturing company, 4 households, two children, a wife and I was traveling around 1500 miles per week not including flights or travel. School in Ghana. International I was on the cover of magazines, writing articles, doing radio shows and talking to groups and often never knew at the beginning of a day where it would end at the end of the day. I woke up in the morning and needed a couple of minutes to identify where I was waking up. I remember waking up once while losing altitude in a Cessna 172 over the Appalachians when I was a pilot for the International School in Ghana.

I once fell asleep at the wheel of a Ford Excursion Diesel 4×4 while driving down the highway, in a city, WHILE THERE WAS A RADIO SHOW ON THE PHONE! I trusted people I shouldn’t have, I wasn’t there many nights my daughters went to bed, and many nights I woke up wondering what I was doing and why. I knew the message I was teaching was important, but the message was slipping out of my own life.

I had car accidents that were near fatal, once I was left unconscious, face down in a sports car, lying at the bottom of a ravine in North Georgia, in the woods at 3 in the morning. He was covered in blood, face down and groping, guess what? My phone. He had been thrown 35 feet into the forest. Once I got out of the burning car, I grabbed my phone and went up the ravine to call for help.

Needless to say, it was at this point that I finally admitted that I needed to reassess my life, that I wasn’t indestructible, and that I couldn’t handle everything on my own and on my own. It was time for a dramatic change.

The interesting thing is that some 20 years before this event that changed my life, I had been given a formula that was available to help me.

As a teenager, I met an herbalist who lived a few miles from my school, but who was internationally recognized as one of the best folk herbalists in the world.

Tommie Bass lived in Leesburg, Alabama and appeared on the cover of the Wall Street Journal in 1985, and was the subject of more than 5 books, although he never had a formal education, he taught at Duke University and was the subject of a master’s degree. degree. thesis.

In recent years, the number of parents sending their children to international schools has shown an upward trend. With each passing day, more and more parents choose to send their children to international schools, rather than local ones. What could be the possible reason behind this new pattern? Well, it could probably be the many advantages that international schools have over local ones. Some of them are discussed below.

Wealth of culture –
Children attending international schools are exposed to other children of different cultural backgrounds. Primary school in Ghana. They are made to interact with colleagues from various backgrounds. As a result, they gain an understanding of the life that people lead in different parts of the world, at a very young age. This better prepares them for their lives as adults in primary school in Ghana.

Language skills –
Due to the fact that English would likely be the only common language among various children from different parts of the world, students in international schools acquire mastery of the language at a very young age. In addition, interacting with their friends will allow them to learn other languages. Children who are taught to speak more than two languages ​​have been scientifically proven to develop higher IQs.

Behavior patterns –
Children who are enrolled in international schools learn to behave around people of different lifestyles and people with different temperaments. This sows the seeds of an enviable behavior pattern that will come in handy in later life, when, as adults, they will have to interact with a mix of multiple people.

Comprehension and maturity –
International schools offer a curriculum that enables their students to understand the world in general. The environment they provide is also conducive to helping children reach the level of maturity necessary to survive. They learn to see the big picture, so to speak, at a young age. This is something that local schools fail to achieve.

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