Everything You Can Do with Electric Kettles

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Uses of Electric Kettles

An Electric Kettle or basically electric tea kettle and pot is a family unit appliance that is broadly utilized for its heating of water for drinking or cooking. The heating component or the coil at the base of the electric tea kettle helps for fast heating. It heats up the water inside in a very shorter time than a traditional kettle utilized for making tea. This is totally safe for use in the kitchen or in little regions where cooking space is restricted.

A decent electric kettle isn’t just utilized for boiling water; however, this convenient appliance is likewise similarly used for planning snacks and refreshments in just a couple of minutes. Kettles can definitely be used for a larger number of things than you may never envision. The obvious purpose behind getting a kettle is to boil water. The quickest electric kettles will take care of this business far speedier than the oven or a microwave. Notwithstanding, the uses for hot or boiled and boiling water are unending.

You can pre-heat the water in your kettle and speed up your cooking time for almost any dinner, including pasta, vegetables, flavors, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Today we will look at a portion of the uses for your electric tea kettle, from the most widely recognized to the most neglected uses.

Common and Lesser-Known Uses of an Electric Kettle

A Perfect Cup of Tea

On the off chance that you are a tea lover, you don’t have to go to the kitchen each time you want some tea. Regardless of whether you incline toward green tea or a totally boiled cup of Masala chai, you can set it up in a jiffy with the electric kettle. Electric kettles boil water at almost double the speed of the burner, saving you a ton of time during those busy mornings.

French Press Coffee

One more incredible — and entirely ordinary — use for your electric kettle is to utilize it for French Press Coffee. French Press Coffee is much better than the instant stuff and, if you don’t mind the smidgen of additional cleaning afterwards, it merits the additional exertion. It also tastes better than the stuff you make with a dribble pot. In the event that you have been putting off difficult French press espresso because of the additional time it takes, utilizing your electric kettle might be the additional push you have to begin making your own. The quickest electric kettle will speed the cycle exponentially and make your morning jolt of energy an easy but lavish treat.

Instant Noodles for Late Night Cravings

Moment noodles are everything to hostelers and people living away from home. Looking at the price of electric kettle as well as its functions, you don’t have to arrange food from outside to fulfill your late-night cravings. The best part is you don’t have to wait a long time to get the most of your bowl of noodles. The electric kettle boils water in minutes, which you can then add to your noodles and make the most of your preferred instant noodles.

Hard Boiled Eggs

A somewhat less ordinary approach to using your electric kettle is to utilize it for hardboiled eggs. Truth is, you can make Easter and breakfast a breeze by delicately popping a couple of eggs in the kettle with some water and leaving it to bubble. Less work, less cook time and more ‘you’ time. Your electric kettle can ease things in your kitchen in even the most startling ways and hardboiled eggs is only one of them. Attempt it whenever you end up in a hurry and need a hardboiled egg.

Spa Treatments at Home

The last utilization of electric kettles glass we will go over today isn’t for food. Your electric kettle doesn’t simply need to be for the kitchen. You can utilize it for home spa treatments too! Make a pleasant foot massage solution or steam your face. Your water will be the ideal temperature inevitably, without pausing or stressing over burning your feet. Imagine that you can begin spoiling yourself the moment you return home!


Regardless of whether you need heated water for some tea toward the beginning of the day, need to make a full feast, or spoil yourself on the ends of the week, an electric tea kettle could be the thing for you. The fastest electric kettles will make your life simpler, speeding cooking time and keeping things warm even after they are cooked. An electric kettle can do undeniably more than you may expect, so in the event that you have yours packed away, or are undecided about getting one, perhaps the time has come to break out your kettle and rediscover how helpful these regular items can truly be.

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