Expert Tips To Keep Your Towel Clean

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What’s soft, wet, and prone to fungus? Before you get your mind running very far, the answer lies in your daily used things—your bath towel. Since your towels are mainly damp and absorbent, they can be one of the best places for bacteria and fungus to grow. The whole essence of cleaning yourself is lost when your cleaning element, the towel itself, is dirty and full of the invisible dirt and dust elements. 

It is essential to clean your towel sets from time to time to keep them clean. However, suppose you don’t wash them often; the bacteria growing on the towel shifts to your skin and can lead to various skin diseases. To help you keep your towel clean, here are some expert tips to help you be hygienic and clean. 

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Wash Your Towels Weekly

It is essential to wash your towels once in a fortnight, or else it’ll keep collecting your body moisture and not be clean ever. It is also recommended to wash them when you buy them before using them for the first time. This is because they contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin and have reduced absorbency. 

If you have a nice cotton towel, you can also machine-wash them with regular detergent and hang them in the sun for a while. But it is necessary to read the label for any specific instructions.

Do Not Leave the Towels Damp

This remains to be one of the golden rules to a guide to caring for your towel. First, never leave towels damp in the four walls of your dark, wet bathroom. Then, after using them every morning, always dry them off on a hanger. 

You can also put them in the dryer or hang them in a room with plenty of ventilation to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold. This goes for all types of a towel, whether face towel or hand towel or bath towel.

Do Not Share Your Bath Towel

Just like we don’t share toothbrushes, it is essential for hygiene purposes never to share your bath towel. If you do so, you’re at risk of being exposed to the other person’s bodily excretions and hence be home to diseases like ringworm, fecal matter, and more. 

Hence, never share your towel with your partner or other family members.

Replace It When Required

It is important to understand when to replace your towel. Generally, cheap quality towels don’t last for long. Their fiber gets weak with constant use and soon tears. An old towel can also contain unseen germs, which again can be harmful.

Hence, it would be best if you replaced them within a few months. You can find high-quality, durable towels online and easily replace them.

If you’re looking to find new bath towel sets, then check out Portico India. Their wide range of durable and soft cotton towels will want you to live in your towel forever. 


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