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Full form of OK
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Ok’s full form is Olla Kalla. It’s a Greek word that means All right. This is a persistent word used in conversation once we agree with another. It’s also Utilized in conversation.

Background of full form of OK

Many people think that the expression OK began in the 18th century and has also been employed as a key language throughout the war. But slowly, its flow increased and now the Majority of the people in the Whole world utilize this word for approval. After the internet increased, people began chatting with One Another, It began to be utilized even more, and now people use just K-word rather than OK in chatting.

How did the word Ok Invented?

The full form of OK word is invented almost 180 years age. As per universality, Ok word was originated in 19th century in United State of America. The word OK was invented as a joke but most of the people thinks that its originated by wrong pronunciation. At the time of 19th century it was a tread to use any word in a funny way.

Same Way, OK was first used at Charles Gordon Greene’s office at 1839 in a funny manner and he used the word in a article to edit something on March 23, 1839 in the Boston Morning and he used the place of word OLL Korrect.

Oll Korrect is wrong pronunciation of All Correct and the meaning of All Correct is “all is well”. The word OK became popular all over America after the short form of Oll Korrect OK began to used and now it is popular throughout the world.As per Wikipedia, OK is a short form of Ole Kurreck and that is originate from American English. Today in many social media chatting platform used K as a short form of OK.

You should seen that in many products the word OK is written in big letters and its meaning is ‘Objection Killed’ which is stand for ‘No Objection Remaining’

Ok in the Indian context

In Indian context and Indian languages, OK is generally translated as satisfactorily or alright. In Hindi, it is translated as “theek hai” (equivalent to English acceptance or approval). In all Indian languages OK means all correct or everything is fine. It also denotes approval by the speaker. Indians also use it after a sentence to mean “did you get it?”

What does OK stand for?

Yes there are lots of full forms of OK because it used in very different ways and there are no single meaning come out, so as per experts it has many full forms. For the time being, we will let you know the particular meaning of OK and we will aware you from the other full forms of OK

What are the ways OK word use for?

The word Ok is used for many different ways, like-

To make a move

Examples –

  1. I am Ok, ie I am fine.
  2. You are Ok, that means you are fine
  3. All my Ok is going on, that is, I am doing well.
  4. I have made the condition of my car perfectly ok, that is, I have made the condition of my car perfectly or very good.

To approve or agree

Example: Like I asked for some kind of help from someone and he told me Ok in response, then I will admit that he has given approval to help.

To give a statement

Examples –

  1. You do not interfere in my work Ok.
  2. I am fine, you see your Ok.
  3. The one who did not do homework tomorrow will be punished Ok.

At the beginning of any sentence

Examples –

  1. See Ok.
  2. Ok see you.

Other meanings of OK 

OK- All Correct

Whenever someone uses OK during a conversation, it means, All Correct, means everything is fine. 

OK- All Clear

When Lissner understands something during a conversion, he responds, OK.

OK- Objection Killed

OK is also used when the people in the conversation understand everything and have no objection.

Why OK is painted on the back of nearly Every Truck in India?

1 thing You’ll Find common in trucks around India is the HORN OK PLEASE. The practice of composing these Three word about the back of the truck began before Liberty when just kerosene in the kind of fuel was current in India. And individuals used just kerosene for both domestic and industrial work. Kerosene is an Extremely flammable A9 fuel; at that time, trucks frequently captured Fire because of this fuel.

Therefore trucks or some other vehicles were counseled to maintain a correct distance from one another. That’s why OK was written on the back of each truck that intended on kerosene. And when any vehicle overtakes the other vehicle, then, play with the Horn, that is why the HORN PLEASE likewise be written. There are many changes, but these 3 words written on the back of trucks didn’t change, and now when the Majority of the trucks are driven by gas or CNG, folks continue writing these 3 phrases.

Many truck owners and drivers believe that the truck will look different if they do not write these 3 words.

Ok synonyms

Some commonly used synonyms of OK are:

  • Fine
  • All right
  • Right
  • Yes
  • Agreed
  • Very well
  • Agree to
  • Good
  • Accepted

In grammar, the usage of work OK-

  • As an adjective

“The food I ate just now was OK”. Here OK means food was neither good nor bad in taste.

  • As a verb

“When I showed my presentation to the boss, boss OKed”. Here it means boss liked and approves the presentation.

  • As a noun

“I need OK from him”. This means he is seeking permission from someone.

  • As an adverb

“Are you feeling OK?” Here it means are your feeling well.

  • To begin a sentence.

“OK, can u all be quiet and listen, please?” Here the person is asking others to be quiet and listen to him.

  • As a question

“I will do this work, OK?” Here the person is asking does the other person agrees to him.

Okay Full Form from the Indian context

In the Indian language, Ok is used as Satisfactorily or alright. In Hindi, It’s interpreted as”theek hai” (equal to English approval or consent ). In most Indian languages OK means all appropriate or everything is fine. Indians also use it as a question like “did you get it?”


Hopefully you have like this article about “Full form of OK”.  It was always my priority to spread the full information and diffident meaning of OK to all of my readers, So that they do not need to research about it in article and internet

At the same time they will get full information and it will save their time too.  If you have any query about it or should thought that it need any kind of improvement feel free to comments down here.

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