Getting Roblox Error Code 524, Here Are Some Solutions You Should Try

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Gaming has evolved over time. In earlier days, people used to play simple and primitive games but now the times have changed. There are several things that affected the growth, development, and distribution of computer games. Roblox is one such influencing factor. Despite being so popular, the platform is still not free from faults. In this article, we are going to talk about some solutions to the issue of roblox error code 524

What is this error all about?

This is an error that happens when the client is not able to connect to the server especially the VIP server. Before you go on asking about the VIP server, we will explain it to you. Roblox is a platform where people can create and play games. If you want to play games, there are two ways. Either you can join someone’s game or you can host your own server. There are some servers that are normal and anyone can join them. But some servers are called VIP servers that are not open to everyone. A VIP server can be joined only upon invitation. 

The possible solutions

Now that you are aware of the issue and all the fundamentals, it is time to know about the solutions. In this section of the article, we are going to mention all the possible solutions that you should try. 

Check whether your account has been banned

You need to check about something before you will be sure about it. Right now, you are facing difficulty while connecting to a particular server. Try to connect to other servers, if you are unable to do it as well then, there is a chance that your account has been blocked. In this case, there is nothing that roblox can do. The best thing that you can do here is creating a new account.
Now try to connect to a server using that account. If you can do it then it is sure that your account was banned. If you are unable to connect to a server even now, it is time to try something else. 

Clear cache and browser data

Many users have faced this issue because they had not cleared cache and browser data in a while. In this section, we are going to mention some steps to delete cookies and browser data in chrome. Follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your PC and then click on the three-dot icon on the top-right corner.
  • A list of options will open on the screen and then you have to click on Settings. 
  • Click on the option named Cookies and Cache.
  • In the new tab, click on the option clear browsing data. And also select All Time from the box after clicking on Clear Data. 
  • You have to repeat the same steps for deleting cookies. 

Final thoughts

We hope this article helped you in solving roblox error code 524. If you are still facing the same issue, there must be something wrong with your setup. At this point in time, you should contact the customer service of roblox for more help. Any normal issue must have been resolved by now with the help of the solutions mentioned above. This piece of information must have helped you and follow us for more articles like this.

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