Gift Cards to Cash Instantly in Just 3 Simple Ways

gift cards to cash instantly
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Did you get a gift card for your birthday or Christmas but for a store you don’t like? Maybe you’d prefer the cash instead.

Perhaps you’re worried that in these tough economic times, the gift card store might go into liquidation. You’d then lose all of the value of your gift card even if you tried to sell gift cards online.

So just how do you convert gift cards to cash instantly? There are multiple ways you can do this without losing much money or the value of the gift card.

Here’s everything you need to know.


CardCash makes immediate offers on cards you wish to sell, and you can earn up to 92% of the card’s value on popular gift card brands.

You can turn your old gift cards into cash using companies like Raise and CardCash, which you can then use to purchase anything you would like.

Remember cards 2 cash is a similar service that you can use if CardCash isn’t right for you.

Selling Your Gift Cards Online

You can sell your gift cards online, which is a far easier way to obtain cash than a gift card exchange kiosk. One benefit to selling your gift cards to an online retailer is the offer for cashback is usually higher than with any other method.

If you would like to convert a gift card into cash, exchange it online for cash or at the cashier kiosk at your local grocery store. Better still, sell it to a friend.

Through Gift Card Granny, you can sell gift cards for cash, or swap out an unwanted gift card for a card that you use.

That is why it is good to know how to convert gift cards to cash and how to get the most bang for your buck from gift cards. Otherwise, they may be sitting unused in your desk drawer or your online accounts.

Unlike gift cards that you might never use, the cash you get from our Gift Card Buyback program is redeemable at any retailer or restaurant.

While you can redeem rewards from credit cards into gift cards, you often receive less than what you could earn if you had saved the rewards as statement credits, travel reservations, or online purchases.

Convert Your Gift Cards to Cash

While acceptance is not widespread, places such as Target, Amazon, and Shopify will let you convert gift cards to cash just as if they were any other form of payment. So long as you have the receipt and you returned all items purchased with a gift card, you’re good to go and can use their in-store gift card exchange kiosk.

One of the best aspects of some of these offers is that they allow you to sell cards that are partially used.

How to Convert Gift Cards to Cash Instantly

If you want to know how to convert gift cards instantly, then you are in luck because there are many ways. You can convert your gift cards to cash with the original supplier, sell them online, or use card cash.

Each way can protect you from the potential bankruptcy of the supplier and enable you to spend the monetary value however you see fit.

For more on how to convert gift cards to cash instantly, be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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