Gojek Clone – All You Need To Know About Building A Super App.

Gojek Clone - All You Need To Know About Building A Super App.
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In everyday life, people require multiple services. To seek multiple services, people go to multiple platforms that require multiple sources. Presently, almost all services and product-based purchases are opted through the cellphone itself. With the advent of the internet, all the services were made available on several platforms on the internet. As smartphone usage became prevalent, many online service providers began launching apps to make service solicitation easy and drive better traffic. Considering the above situation, it is wise to launch an app like Gojek Clone app where a person can solicit multiple services.

How to choose Gojek Clone Script for business?

Use search engine results

Try search engines and read reviews. Ensure the reviews are from genuine parties and their reliability. The search engine will provide multiple search results. Check the topmost link first till four to five below links. They are generated in the page results due to their high page rank, which makes them more reliable and safe.

Deep research

Search further into the selected websites regarding their products, work culture, professional attitude, etc. to understand them better. The popularity of websites and goodwill in the industry helps make the decision.

Understand the delivery process

If the company has the solution readily available, then the delivery process will not take long. But if the solution is not readymade, the delivery period will be longer. As the delivery time is figured out, approach the company’s development center regarding app development. The developer should test it live and share the scope of its deliverables. When there is a thorough agreement, payment should be made so the app gets launched on the iOS app store or Google  Play Store under server credentials.

Take demonstration

Download the Gojek Clone app and take up the demonstration to test on Android and iOS devices. The test should be done for the whole Gojek Clone package which includes the app for customer, service provider, store app, website and an admin panel. This will allow you to analyze the performance of the app and make thorough changes if needed. It is important to take a trial of the entire aspect of the app for both Android and iOS. Going through the website will let you know how the brand will be showcased and make the concept of online bookings understandable.

App Source Code

The most important aspect of an app is the app’s source code, as it allows the user to change the features, add new elements, and optimize the app from time to time to correlate with the operating system of the app. A white label app will offer a reliable source code within charging any extra amount. If any amount is required to be paid for the source code, ensure there will be full ownership of the app.

Read client reviews

Read client reviews; both negative and positive, read testimonies and watch any videos if the client has left one. Look for common points of all the clients. Understand that if a company offers white label solutions globally, then the clients should be from different parts of the world too.

Experience and Expertise

Opt for the live experience that provides the assurance of product quality. The customer’s aspirations and overall market expectations should be kept in mind. An experienced and well-versed company will take the customer’s needs as their primary concern and work on that.

How does the Gojek Clone app work?

The Gojek Clone app is a super-app where an app user can obtain multiple services or buy several products in one platform. The system makes it easier for people to buy several products under a single roof. People can browse several services, products to buy, etc. in just one panel. The advantage for app owners is they need not maintain several codes. Creating and owning multiple apps means maintaining multiple codes, and the creation of multiple apps involves high costs and maintenance. 

What services does the Gojek Clone app package include?

  • VOIP based calls
  • Corporate rides
  • Kiosk booking app
  • Video streaming solution
  • Rental and outstation
  • Advertisement banners
  • shop/stop/eat while riding
  • Report fraud partners
  • Real-time price converter
  • Airport charges
  • Book rides for someone else
  • Child seat preference
  • Newsletter subscription

What makes up the Gojek Clone App?

  • Customer app
  • Service provider app
  • Restaurant/ store app
  • Driver/ delivery agent app
  • Super admin web panel
  • Dispatcher admin panel
  • Billing admin panel
  • Service provider web panel

Tech Stacks used in Gojek Clone app development

  • Java
  • Twilio
  • Laravel
  • Stripe
  • Swift
  • Bootstrap
  • Drupal
  • Node JS
  • MongoDB
  • PHP
  • Python
  • React
  • WordPress

Reasons to develop Gojek Clone app

  • The Gojek Clone app makes people’s lives easier by providing multiple services and buying options in one platform.
  • The maintenance of the app source code is less, as there is only one code. Along with maintenance, the Gojek Clone app development will involve lesser spending due to all services being provided in one app.
  • The customer is free from installing several apps and gets to decrease their phone storage.
  • Traffic on such apps will be high due to their ability to cater to almost every need of people.

Final words

Gojek Clone app development will cost on the basis of key features, app interface and size. The app owners will receive a high rate of traffic on apps like Gojek Clone app due to their versatile performance and make the lives of people easier by aiding in providing several services.

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