Top 4 Elements of Great Business Cards

great business cards
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Although 87% of people in the US use the internet to find company information, it is still beneficial to get business cards printed.

A great business card design can catch the eye of someone and help make you more successful.

If you want customers and clients to have an easier time contacting you, you should ensure that your cards are just right.

Keep reading to learn about the most important factors while creating great business cards for your brand!

1. Identification

One of the first things that make up great business cards is the identification portion.

Some people include a headshot photo on the card but it is okay to just print your full name and title. Adding your title to the card will help people understand your role within the company to ensure they are contacting the right person.

Make sure that the font you use for your name stands out and is easy to read.

2. Contact Information

The next portion of details to include is your contact information

Phone numbers, email addresses, and websites are often included in this section. Whatever contact information you put on the card, make sure you are okay with handing it out to people you don’t know as well. It is best to only provide business numbers, not personal ones.

A modern business card design will include contact information for social media accounts as well. You can use your page name and QR scans to help people get to your accounts quickly.

3. High-Quality Cards

If you are going to take the time to get cards printed, you should make sure they are of excellent quality.

It’s easy to print contact information on standard paper, but business cards require cardstock. Many people recommend getting cards through since they produce stunning results. You can get cards with a glossy, matte, or textured surface to draw attention to your name and brand.

Another reason to get high-quality cards is that they won’t impact the image quality on the paper.

4. Company Details

Sharing your personal contact information is helpful, but you aren’t finished yet.

Customers and vendors should be able to identify what company you work for and the services or products that you provide. Including the company name and logo is highly recommended if you want your cards to be helpful.

You can also include a mission statement or some basic details about the company on one side of the card.

Do You Want Great Business Cards?

You should have to hire a graphic designer to get great business cards, especially with so many online resources.

Not only do you need to identify your name and information on the card, but it should also relate to the company. Business cards go to people you have conversations with. They allow the conversation to continue since you are offering multiple ways to communicate.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your design, just make sure that your information is easy to read and understand.

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