Hair Transplant: How to Take Care of Your Newly Grafted Hair After Transplantation

Hair Transplant: How to Caring for Your Hair After a Transplant
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Hair transplant is a precise and exquisite grafting procedure. Like other surgy, hair transplant surgery also requires post-transplant aftercare for a speedy recovery. The recovery time is impactful. If you follow the perfect post-surgery protocol, you will get a positive result in the newly grafted target side of your head.

Here we will share the hair transplant aftercare protocol, and guidelines you need after surgery

Hair transplant recovery time

Once your hair transplant surgery is over and you come back home, you still need medical support and post-hair transplant aftercare treatment for the best outcome. Here we talk about step-by-step aftercare procedure from the phase after surgery to 2months before you get new follicles on your grafted area and starts to naturally grow new hair. You may see the first hair growth is uneven and rough, but soon you will see youthful hair on the grafted area. You have to wait around 10 months to see natural fully-grown hair at your targeted area of the scalp.

Please remember the recovery time varies from person to person. If hair growth is taking a bit longer time, it does not mean the procedure is not working.

However, if you face any concerns you must contact with your surgeon and take support from their team. For better results, you need to attend follow up check-ups.

The Healing Period Post Hair Transplant (1-4days)

It is important to follow some aftercare steps for a speedy recovery. When you are first discharged after a hair transplant, you will be offered an aftercare bag to take home consist of each essential thing including saline to amplify the healing of hair follicles, block infection for the incision and prevent scabbing.

How to spray saline at transplanted and donor areas:

Utilize your left hand to spray your left targeted area, and use your right hand to spray the right area.

If you are unable to do that, take the help of family members.

Once you complete 12 hours of spraying, you can take deep sleep for long hours. It is essential to take a rest as much as possible in the first few days after surgery. It is because resting speed up your recovery. There are some specific things you must avoid for few days after surgery like swimming, smoking, high exertion exercise, and drinking alcohol. These things can highly damage your newly implanted graft.

It is important to hydrate your scalp after transplantation with regular saline spray. If you want to comb your hair, do it very carefully to avoid bleeding and irritation

Recovery & Rest Is Crucial After A Procedure (5 to 9 days)

After 5 days of the hair transplant procedure, your scalp should be healed enough so that you can wash your head gently. At this phase, the swelling and soreness that come after the transplant should potentially disappear. However, you should still not use chemicals containing harsh shampoo at this stage, and try to remove dried skin and scabs. Most of the healing process is done at this stage, but we would suggest you to avoid high impact exercise at this point after hair transplant surgery. Just take care of each follicle that is absolutely healed.

Returning to Your Haircare Routine (10-14 days)

At this point, your scalp appears scabbed and pink. It typically lasts for 10-14 days, but if you see pale skin, it can adhere around the scalp for a long time. If you don’t feel pain or discomfort, there will be nothing to worry about. Once the pink skin and scabs are entirely cured, your follicle will go sluggish again and all of your newly grown hair fall out, it will be a new experience after hair transplant surgery Gradually you can see your transplanted follicle sprouting rich with healthy new hairs.

At this stage, you can start washing your hair normally as before. Your doctor will prescribe you a medicated mild shampoo for wash, avoid chemical containing shampoo. because it is abrasive and rough.

Avoid sleeping flat

To eliminate the risk of inflammation and swelling, you need to sleep with an elevated head for the first one week after transplantation. You can sleep semi-upright position to avoid the gravity of the head. One should follow the recliner position during sleep with an upright angle of nearly 45 degrees. You need to follow the upright sleeping pattern for 7-10 days after hair transplant.

Keep away from sun exposure.

Avoid soaking up the sun between 10 am to 2 pm for the first 15 days after hair transplant. Direct sunlight exposure may cause irritation and pain in the grafted area. If you want to go outside, avoid the sun, stay inside the car, or use an umbrella. Don’t stay out for a long time. Avoid vacation for at least 20 days after hair transplantation

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