Here’s How A Laptop’s Extended Warranty Can Help You In Many cases

Lenovo warranty check
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With more premium models and world-class manufactures flooding the Indian laptop market, buyers find it wiser to pay for an extended warranty for laptop in advance than bearing multiple repair and replacement costs. For individuals contemplating to opt for the same, it is advisable that they check their concerned manufacturers’ warranties for the remaining validity so that they can renew them in time.

For instance, a Lenovo laptop owner can perform a Lenovo warranty check before investing in an extended warranty. To opt for an extended warranty, read on to understand the advantages of such service contracts better.

Duration of an average laptop warranty

Although different brands come with varying durations of warranty coverage, most laptop warranties last for a standard duration of 1 year, effective from the day of such device’s purchase. In case of any damage caused to a device within this period, the owner can get it repaired without spending a penny by placing a warranty claim with the manufacturer. For this, device owners must check such inherent services for their brands, including Lenovo warranty check, to ensure the time for which their laptops are covered.

Such customisable service contracts help laptop buyers aiming for long-term usage and insure their device financially for more than a year. Undoubtedly, extended warranties come with a substantial price, but they provide several benefits as compensation.

Advantages of extended warranty for laptop

Any individual willing to invest in a well-known brand’s laptop, such as if you buy Lenovo laptop, can be assured of the standard warranty provided by the brand which covers almost all sorts of faults with the device. Purchasing an extended warranty over that can help them enjoy additional benefits as have been listed below.

  • Saves high repair costs

In the event of a major or expensive component getting damaged past the pre-existing warranty period, the repair bills can sum up to a high cost. Such recurring maintenance costs can be avoided with the help of an extended warranty in place.

  • Provides additional coverage

Buyers must perform a Lenovo warranty check or similar manufacturer warranty check right after completing a purchase to decide on the add-on coverage they might need. An extended warranty can add up to 1 or more additional years of maintenance coverage depending on the product and brand. This provides buyers peace of mind in the face of any accidental damage.

  • Saves the trouble of finding a service provider

Extended warranty coverage saves laptop owners the trouble of finding a technician and helps them save time during an emergency repair. Such warranty issuers provide prompt service and delivery, which can sometimes be completed within a day.

Things to check before opting for a laptop extended warranty

Should i buy extended warranty for laptop? To avail the benefits of an extended warranty, buyers must go for a manufacturer like Lenovo warranty check and be mindful of several aspects of such a cover before opting for one. It should thus enable them to make a wise purchase decision in turn.

Following are some of the commonly misjudged aspects of such a service contract.

  • Insurance coverage: A paid warranty is generally supposed to include all sorts of software or hardware malfunctions including faulty hard drive, dysfunctional charging port, laptop overheating, and damaged motherboard.
  • Duration of usage: Laptop users must choose an add-on coverage weighing the device’s value and its duration of use. An extended warranty might not be a wise idea for an affordable device that the buyer doesn’t plan on using beyond a year or two. In such cases, they should just make manufacturers like Lenovo warranty check to ensure it lasts as long as their usage requirements.

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