Get Hot stone massage Burien WA for better health.

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For hot stone massage Burien WA, our massage therapist uses smooth, hot stones to treat your pain and sorrows by placing them on the body. The hot stone massage is very beneficial for persons who have chronic pain and are under stress. We have a professional massage therapist for our hot stone massage at our Massage Center Burien WA. In hot stone massage, our massage therapist employs high-quality flat and smooth stones heated to a specific temperature. These hot stones are then placed on certain body sections that are in pain, and our therapist massages the body with wonderful oil and medium strokes.
hot stone massage burien wa

What is the protocol for our hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage Burien, WA, is utilized for the same purpose that a heating pad is used: to reduce muscle tension through heat. Our therapist will apply the stones around your back, on your wrists, and even between your toes. Larger flat stones will be used to make long strokes along the length of your muscles. Hot stone massage Burien WA, offers you the unique sensation of ultra-smooth stones and healing touch while the heat deeply enters your muscles and eases you into a total state of relaxation.

Some people may seek out a hot stone massage to unwind after a stressful or anxious period.

Before using a hot stone massage, the stones are immersed in hot water to warm up. They are then applied to certain body parts, such as:

  • the back
  • stomach and the face
  • the hands and the legs

Some massage therapists hold the stones in their hands and massage with them. This allows the therapist to go deeper into the muscles without applying additional pressure, allowing their client to relax even more.

The Top Upsides of Hot Stone Massage

  • Relieve muscle spasms, discomfort, and tension while also improving muscle relaxation.
  • Toxins are released, and the skin’s look is improved.
  • Significantly lessen stress and anxiety
  • Improves blood circulation and energy flow
  • Aids in the promotion of healthier sleep
  • Reduces and manages stress
  • It contributes to the creation of a sense of comfort.

Muscle spasms and stress have been reduced.

Tension and spasms muscles can cause a lot of pain and interfere with daily life. Reduced inflammation and tension in the skeletal muscles alleviate muscle spasms and pain. Athletes, lifters, and persons suffering from sports-related ailments can benefit from sports massage Burien WA, provided by our therapists.
hot stone massage burin wa

Better sleep than before

Hot stone massage Burien WA treatment benefits you long after the massage is finished. Massage can help you sleep better. Sleep is disrupted by pain or worrisome thoughts. Regular massage helps to keep those symptoms at bay over time. You’ll feel more relaxed, less stiff, and ready for more regular nights of restful sleep with the added benefits of hot stones throughout your massage.

Your adaptability grows.

Stiff joints make it difficult to carry out daily duties. Massage can assist in relaxing stiff joints and the muscles that surround them. If you have an injury or particularly stiff joints, placing hot stones on and around those joints helps loosen those areas more effectively than massage without the use of hot stones.

Why are Hot Stones used?

Because they are smooth from the river’s current and hold heat well, basalt river rocks are usually utilized during this form of massage. In addition, they are often formed of volcanic rock, which allows them to heat quickly and keep the heat for long periods. The rocks are heated in a professional heater before treatment.

Your Circulation Enhances by Hot stone massage Burien, WA.

Muscle tension and weariness are caused by poor Circulation. A decent hot stone massage Burien WA, is an excellent remedy to these problems. Your therapist will apply warm stones on trigger points throughout your body during the massage. The heat from the stones permeates the muscle, causing your blood vessels to dilate. As a result, blood flows more freely through your body, improving Circulation. As your circulation increases, more oxygen enters your muscles, which aids in the relief of aches and pains.
hot stone massage burien wa

Your Stress Has Eased

Something about warmth and massage makes stress slip away. The gentle pressure of the heated stones can be relaxing. Hot stone therapy is similar to receiving a warm hug in a secure environment. While your massage therapist works on your muscles, your worries fade away. Hot stone treatment can also help with depression and anxiety problems.

When choosing Hot stone massage Burien, WA, consider Blue Lotus SPA.

Hot stone therapy is available at BlueLotus SPA. We use a range of massage methods throughout your hot stone massage. The warmth you feel on your body during a hot stone massage will also help your mind relax. Stress and anxiety fade away as you relax with hot stones during your massage.


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