How International Students Dealing With COVID-19

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For international students, it has become very tough to get settled in the current situation as they are far away from their homes. Though international students do have various experiences to deal and handle any kind of situation, they somehow managed months of Pandemic. 

We are here to let us know in the tough situation how students are getting helped, and even there are no traveling restrictions. But, yes there is always an option for the student to choose if he/she wants to travel or not.

Support for International Students

  1. Surveying student needs in the current situation can be very helpful so that they don’t get stuck in any situation, whether its financial crisis or emotional satisfaction. The survey can be done in many ways as in university can send google forms about their goals and their thought process for their career.
  2. Helping students by giving them individual appointments can also help them out as that can give exposure to their feelings. And a virtual appointment can be the best way to know about hurdles and barriers.
  3. As per Boarding School Review, “Each school seems to have set out testing and quarantine requirements for all students, not just international students.” 
  4. Free counseling should be given because it is natural that students can think something off a bit, which can create an issue in their schooling. So counselors can help them out to keep them on the right track, and they can guide them every moment. 
  5. Email is the best possible way that Boarding School Review suggests because students are well addicted to checking their email regularly. So checking and looking with students through email is appreciated.
  6. Virtual workshops can keep students engaged with the concept or topics that need to be catchy and interesting. Not only that but making a video of the lecture can also be helpful because the student can look into it at their convenient timing. 
  7. Proper strategy and planning to be in touch with students and to keep them with their studies is also important. Once planning is done, it’s always appreciated to go for organizing every plan.
  8. Social support and care is an essential requirement for emotional well-being and to have a healthy life. Connecting with others during this time is significant. Even though we may need to stick to social distancing proposals, we can at present, find new and imaginative approaches to connect and associate with others, such as utilizing on the online platform like getting in touch through video conferences or video calls.

Traveling during Pandemic?

It’s really difficult to even think of traveling during Covid19, but when it comes to getting educated, yes we can always take the risk. And we all are aware of the latest news that international flights have been resumed again. With the precautions in the flight, chances become safe, and if we are still scared of the current situation, then it’s not an issue. Because all the university has started to provide online education.

Now the university has given you the choices whether students are willing to study on campus or online. So the decision is all yours. You can always opt for the option that satisfies you. 


As the globe is going through a tough time and some students are even stuck in other countries. It becomes a stressful and frustrating moment. But some decisions make sure that students are safe and are still willing to finish their studies. By online tutoring, virtual workshops, an email notifying, etc, let the students be engaged with their daily routine. Even getting in touch through online applications like skype calls or Zoom meetings can be an innovative approach. And a unique way to get in touch with our dear ones has always been the best thing. 

Also, when it comes to traveling from one place to another for study purposes, in that case too, the university has left the option with the student. Either they can study on-campus, or they can opt for online study. 

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