How much it cost to open a company in Delaware?

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The costs of setting up a company in the United States vary from state to state. In general, however, since the US is very favourable to attracting investors to their territory, it can be said with certainty that the costs of opening a company are among the lowest in the world.

Many taxes for bureaucratic formalities that are present in India, in the USA are totally absent and moreover, even if recommended, it is not necessary to use a notary to company registration in USA.

Open a Company in Delaware

In Delaware, setting up a new company is certainly less expensive than in New York. The registration fees for LLC amounts to about $90. For corporations, on the other hand, the tax starts from this figure and increases in relation to the number of shares issued.

To open a company in the US in the territory of Delaware, the law requires the use of a registered agent . The person in charge of this role typically has to be paid between $50 and $150 a year.

The franchise tax starts at $175 and can go up to a maximum of $180,000.

There is an annual filing fee of $50, while there is no annual registration fee.

The Costs of Doing Business in the United States

So we have seen the example of Delaware to outline the amount of costs to set up and open a company in the United States . There are differences, even if high figures are often not mentioned. In the reasoning of the Indian entrepreneur who wants to sell in the US by opening a company in the US, other factors must also be taken into consideration that will inevitably affect the economy.

Personnel costs, for example, or transport costs If the company needs to keep the cost of labor low, it will have to choose a state in which wages are controlled. If you need to move goods quickly to many other US states, the best location will be the state with the most direct rail, air, or road lines. These examples are a perfect fit for the state of North Carolina that satisfies both needs.

to operate concretely, must proceed with the request to obtain an EIN number ( Employer Identification Number ), a sort of GST no.which allows the opening of the current account and therefore the full operation of the corporation .

In conclusion, to complete the procedure it is necessary to fulfil the following formal acts:

• Resolution Adopted by the Incorporator:ie the deed that allows the transfer of control of the corporation from the person who deposited the documents to the legitimate owners;

• Resolution of the Sole Director / Shareholder: this is the deed that determines the value of the shares and in which the Bylaws (company regulation) are approved, thanks to which the corporate offices are appointed and the shareholdings registered. However, it is important to underline that some aspects described above may vary depending on the state where we want to set up the corporation, for example in Nevada the mandatory positions must be declared after the establishment of the same.

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