How To Color Virgin Hair Bundles At Home

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Virgin hair is superior in quality and versatility, offering the same touch and feel like your own hair. The versatileness of virgin hair is reflected in the endless styling options and different hair colors available. Without causing much damage to your natural hair, you can color virgin hair as per your wish, and adding striking hair color is a great way to answer the call for change in your looks. Dyeing a virgin hair is easier said than done; follow these steps to get it right:

Gather your supplies:

Before we jump to dyeing virgin hair, let’s look at the things we will need to go about dyeing hair:

  • Hair Dye 
  • Latex gloves 
  • Developer


Step #1. Deciding On A Balayage Hair Color 

Keep in mind that the best kind of hair extension for dying is Virgin Hair Bundles. Whether you want a striking bright shade like blue that gives out an icy effect or darker shades with a warm tone, virgin hair will get you the best results. pick a color that suits your skin undertones, and consider where you would like the color to start.


To get it started, wash your virgin hair to strip off product residues. Washing the hair with lukewarm water will open the cuticle, making it more receptive to color. Consider pre-bleaching the virgin hair if you are going for a bright and brilliant color such as blue and pink, and if you are going for a darker tone, the pre-bleaching step may not be necessary. Make sure to put on latex or plastic gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemical agents. Gently comb the hair to do away hair tangles and lay it on a sheet of hairdressing foil. 

Step #2. Dyeing Hair 

Follow the instructions for mixing the hair color and developer. To combine the two ingredients, use a plastic mixing bowl and an applicator brush. Don’t load up hair with the solution; use the applicator brush to distribute the color on hair evenly. Starting at the top and working your way down, apply the dye to the hair. 

Wrap the hair in plastic wrap and leave it to develop. As the dye develops, the plastic wrap coating can help prevent it from drying out, it usually takes about 25 minutes for a color to develop, but it’s for the best to follow the directives. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water and rake your fingers through it to get rid of excess hair colors. Lay the hair bundle on an old towel and let it air dry. 

#3. Bleaching Hair Lighter 

In a mixing bowl, combine two scoops of bleach powder and two scoops developer. To measure out each ingredient, use the plastic scoop that came with the bleach powder. In a plastic cup, mix the bleach and cream developer with a brush applicator until thoroughly mixed. The cream developer will enable the bleach. Use the applicator brush to paint the virgin hair with a bleach mixture.

Wrap your hair with a foil and let it sit for 15 minutes to coat the bleach mixture evenly. You can check the progress every 5 minutes to see how it turns out. Once it has reached your desired color, you can take it out of the foil and shampoo it to rinse aunty’s chemical residue. Gently dry the hair with a towel. If you are going for a lighter shade, rinse and repeat the process for 40 minutes till it reaches your desired color. 

#4 Applying Bright Colors

If strikingly bright color is what you are looking for, consider bleaching hair first. Pre bleaching can help the color to show up dark easily. Follow the directions given on the box while mixing the color dye and developer. Load your paintbrush with the mixture and start applying it evenly to the hair. Once you have evenly spread the color on the virgin hair, cover it with a plastic wrap and let it develop in 30 minutes. 

Rinse the dye out with shampoo until the water is clear. This will help to keep the color in place. Treat your hair with a deep conditioning shampoo, as it is crucial to replenish it after two rounds of harsh chemical treatment. Use lukewarm water to wash the conditioner and dry it with a towel. 


There you go! Follow these tips to achieve your desired hair and accomplish a bold, edgy, and appealing new look. You will look amazing with your newly colored tresses but make sure to get the right hair bundle deals. Check out Indique to fish out the right Virgin Hair Bundle Deals that will surely help you get your desired look!

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