How to Create Clutter-Free Walls with Canvas Art Prints?

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Take a look around your bedroom and living area. Look at your walls. Do they make you relaxed and organised or leave you feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed.

Chances are, like most of us, your walls are a mishmash of artworks that take up most of the space without making your house look sleek and sophisticated. We are all products of our immediate surroundings especially of the personal space that our home is. Not only does the ambience of our home affects and shapes our thoughts and actions, but conversely, our homes are also a great reflection of who we are.

The best way to make our homes bright, warm & welcoming spaces is to cleverly use canvas art prints that can easily become focal points and make a bold statement!

Here are some clever & easy ideas to create no-mess walls:

Invest in Single Classy Canvas Art Prints

If you are an art aficionado, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get original artworks always. One of the best tips to make your interiors look beautiful is to use vintage canvas prints. Even a single powerful frame and an art print can make your wall stand out. They look classy without being expensive and come in light frames and stretched forms that can be hung easily.

Level Up

Hanging too many paintings on your walls in symmetry not only makes them look over-burdened but also boring. Try taking down a few of the wall artworks and don’t hesitate to experiment with levels and layers. Waves, free-flowing circles, and even clean horizontal and vertical lines all give a stunning & intriguing sweeping panorama style texture to your walls and adds depth.

Use the Fifth Wall

De-clutter your over-accessorized walls by shifting your artworks to newer and more unique spaces. You will be surprised at the number of never though of interior spaces that can be used to add more presence to your house besides your walls. Think of the fifth wall and make your ceiling a statement space. Or hang your canvas art décor high up on the wall. Fill the corners & nooks of your walls with mixed and matched canvasses. Do up the niches in your restrooms, alcoves, kitchen counters, entryways, and hallways. Trust us, such interior ideas are endless.

Stack Up Your Art

A bookshelf is not only a storage space for your book. It can also become an amazing art display solution to add that classy & cool style to your home interiors. A bookshelf with asymmetrical shelves is even better! Stack framed canvas artworks of different styles and shapes on these shelves and see your home décor transform. Combine your favourite statements, pictures, Hollywood prints, typography prints to let this become the attention-grabber.

Use Spaces Near Your Furniture

Instead of cluttering all the walls with canvas art and making the entire home look occupied, we recommend aligning your art with the existing furniture. This not only saves space and makes the décor look minimalistic but also makes these corners warm, artsy, and act as conversation starters. You can hang framed or stretched canvas wall art over your bed, couch, mantles, work desk, etc.

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