How to Deal with Common Household Emergencies

How to Deal with Common Household Emergencies
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As every homeowner knows, there are times when household emergencies simply happen. Burst waterpipes can be a common incident in wintertime, especially if you live in an old house and this can be expensive to rectify. Household emergencies can often occur at the worst possible moment such as just before you are about to go to work and may require some quick thinking to minimize the extent of the damage or problem. In some circumstances they will require expert help to resolve in the form of builders or plumbers which can prove to be a costly occurrence. Thankfully, most common household emergencies can be rectified with a minimum of stress by remaining calm and taking suitable actions. In this article, two common household emergencies will be explored in detail, along with advice on how to deal with any financial costs if you do not have access to cash or savings.

Broken roof tiles

It is a fact that storms are a common occurrence in most countries, often several times a year. High winds, gales and heavy rain can damage or even destroy roof tiles and this can lead to serious damage to your home from the elements if they are not repaired or replaced quickly. For minor storm damage that results in a few cracked or broken roof tiles, you can consider replacing them yourself if you are suitable confident in your abilities and can work safely at height. See here for some simple steps to replace and fix broken or cracked roof tiles. If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer heavy storm damage that has lead to significant number of broken or cracked roof tiles it may be wise to call in an expert to fix the damage. Contact a range of builders who specialize in this work and seek comprehensive quotes from each before deciding on who to employ.

Raising finance

As mentioned previously, household emergencies have a habit of occurring at the most unexpected and inconvenient moments in life. This can cause severe problems if you need to raise fast cash to fix any damage or call out a professional tradesman to complete the work. Thankfully, one way to raise money quickly is to explore the option of Same Day Cash Loans. There are several companies that specialize in this sort of short term loan, and you can find many reputable providers online. Typically, they require some basic financial information being provided by the applicant before a decision on the loan in made. As the name suggests, the money can be provided on the same day that the loan request is made. This makes them an ideal option for dealing with household emergencies when finances are tight and savings are low.


Flooding is another common occurrence in the home environment. Often, it is caused by a faulty household appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher malfunctioning. In other circumstances faulty plumbing or broken pipes can lead to flooding. It is important to assess the level of water damage to the property and immediately look to stop the water supply to your home to prevent further water damage. Most homes will have a water supply stop valve or tap which can cut the water supply to your house. In most cases it will be located under the sink or outside the property. After stopping the water supply, start to clean and dry the effected area and consider calling a plumber if there is pipe damage that needs to be fixed.


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