How to Earn 5 Extra Points Through NAATI CCL for Australia Visa

Naati CCL Gujarati test
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Naati means National Accreditation Authority for Language and Interpreters. It’s a test featuring its two languages. The very first language is British and yet another language is LOTE. LOTE means language apart from British. For instance, if you’re preparing for the exam for the PR of Australia, you need to experience your mother language apart from British. In the following paragraphs, I’ll tell you the ways to get 5 Extra points through Naati CCL Gujarati.

Naati CCL exam is founded on verbal translation exam. You will have 5 points for Permanent Residence Australia wide. The cost of the program is about $800. The program is simply for that PR Australia wide. You are not certified to become an interpreter or translator through this. This test applies for several years.

In this Naati CCL Gujarati course, there are two dialogues between native English and LOTE speakers. Each dialogue is around 10 minutes long. The total duration of the exam is 30 minutes. Each dialogue contains 300+ words and a max of 35 words in one phrase. Recorded audios are played by the examiner.

Some Tips for NAATI CCL Gujarati preparation:

  • When you are practising for your Naati CCL Gujarati test, you have to grade yourself. You should think that how to improve your preparation. You must deduct marks on every mistake because this is the marking criteria of the test. If you commit a small mistake, you can deduct fewer marks. If you commit a major mistake in important content, you must deduct more than 1 mark.
  • The important thing in this test is practice. You must practice repeated dialogues. If you don’t practice by yourself and directly jump into the test, you may find difficulty in the test.
  • The important thing while preparing for the test is to develop short-term memory. You can develop strong memory by listening to things in English as well as in another language. You can make short-term memory by watching serials and listening to the radio.
  • Talk to everyone in LOTE. Try to translate whatever you hear in your daily life.
  • The final tip is to work hard and trust yourself. Initially, it seems like an impossible thing, but when you practice and do hard work, everything seems easy to you.


Things to Avoid in NAATI CCL Gujarati Test:

  • The main mistake in this test is Distortion. Distortion means is to change the real meaning from the context while converting the sentence. If you commit this mistake in two to three major sentences, you will lose many marks.
  • The second thing is forgetting to ask for repetition in the Naati CCL Gujarati. We can ask for one repetition in the exam. We forget this opportunity because of the exam’s pressure. The exam lasts for 20 minutes that’s the maximum time but students tend to finish it in 10 to 5 minutes. This time is a lot less as compared to other tests. Because of the time pressure, students forget to ask for a repetition even this is free.
  • Another reason is the failure of the test is the poor quality of delivery. You have too many self-corrections and hesitations while doing interpretation. This affects your quality of delivery. Another factor is shaky and nervous tone. These things tell the examiner that you are not confident.
  • The main thing that must be under consideration is Accuracy. The test is not about how much you know about the languages and other things. The main point is accuracy, either your message is delivered correctly or not. You must know that your communication with others must be good. There should not be any miscommunication between characters of dialogue. This thing is to consider in the Naati CCL Gujarati.

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