How To Get Passport in India | Apply passport in India

How To Get Passport in India
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How To Get Passport in India

A passport in India is issued by the government official certifying that holder’s identity and citizenship. Under this, the holder can travel to and from foreign countries. 

Every Country issues the passport to the holder’s under the rules and regulations, some countries issuing the embedded micro chip-based passport which can be biometric. In before days there used non-biometric passports, these passports are valid for a limited period.

A passport in India is categorized into different categories. They are as

Official passport: 

 This is the passport given by the government for the employees working in the government sector to travel. This is also called a service passport

Diplomatic passport: 

Diplomatic passports don’t hold any special privileges. This is issued to the diplomats of the country to travel officially to the countries. In some airports, there will be special checkpoints for the diplomatic passport holder.

Regular passport: 

This is the ordinary passport issued for individual citizens. 

Emergency passport: 

This is the temporary passport issued for the holder one who lost the original passport, may the reason to be stolen or lost somewhere else. The passport duration is for a short period of time.

Collective passport: 

 This passport is issued for a group of people to travel together. 

Family passport: 

 This passport is issued to the entire family. There will be one passport holder who can travel alone or with the family, but the family member cannot travel on their own without the passport holder.

Who is eligible for the Passport in India

All Indian nationals leaving or planning to leave the country must have a valid passport or travel document. The Indian government has the authority to issue various types of passports and travel documents under the Passports Act of 1967. Applicants in the United States must submit their passport applications through VFS Indian Consular Application Centers.

Things one should know about Passport 

  • In a foreign country, your Indian passport verifies your identification. As a result, it’s critical to have it reissued before the expiration date. Up to one year before the expiration date, the passport can be reissued.
  • Your Indian passport is a precious piece of paper. It should always be in your hands or in the presence of a person who has been duly authorized by you. If something is lost or destroyed, the fact and circumstances should be reported to the nearest Mission and the local police department right away.
  • We recommend keeping a photocopy of your Indian passport separate from the original in a safe place. The photocopy should include the pages including personal information, passport validity, date/place of issue, as well as the stamps of departure from India, admission into the United States, and the visa issued by US/Foreign authorities.
  • A separate passport is necessary for all youngsters. The previous practice of adding a child’s name in either parent’s passport has been phased out.
  • The Indian Passport shall be presented to the nearest VFS Indian Consular Application Centre for cancellation upon attaining US/Foreign nationality, as per Consular Jurisdiction. After cancellation, it is returned to the holder. Using an Indian passport to travel to India after obtaining a foreign nationality is illegal and punishable. You can choose to become a citizen of the United States or of another country.

If you apply for an Indian passport or a reissue of your current one in 2021, you will almost certainly receive an e-passport. This is due to the fact that an e-passport will help the government reduce forgeries and allow passengers to enter the nation more quickly. According to sources, e-passports will follow the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

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