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A home is a place where everyone wants to feel comfortable and relax after the haunting rountine of all- day so it must be arranged in a way that everyone must feel relaxed. Most of the times houses are too way either stylish or dull but the appropriate way is to have a blend of these both to make the home trendy plus comfortable. There are various ways to make a home fully new like home renovations, remodeling or changing the decor but these all are very

lengthy processes with a lot of costs so a better way is to utilize the already present things to make the home new & fresh. The best thing is to use those things in a new and innovative way to make your home inspiring and beautiful, when someone will look at the settings he or she will realize how much effort you have put down into this all. The specialists present at Decor Design for Restaurant UAE or Interior Design companies in Dubai will help you throughout this process of making your home fresh and new. Here are some of the simple tips to give you an idea.
How to Give a Fresh Look to Your Home? - Exotic Interiors

Take a look at Hardware:

Hardware is the most used item within a house because they are present everywhere like doorknobs, handles, switches, boards and many other items. But while renovating a home or remodelling it we overlook them just because we think that they won’t have any effect even after changing. But it’s a very wrong concept, they will have a great impact on the home decor when they will be changed because hardware also has trends, nature of the material that is being used. You can change all the handles, doorknobs, strands, switches, boards, chandeliers, light fixtures that will give your home a new and fresh look. Use the sliver or golden colour because they are always in trend so they will not look out of fashion soon.

Give away old fabric:

Fabric is also the most widely used item in our house but we rarely notice it and it will

completely change the look of the house whenever changed. Change the fabric that is used as bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains, cushion cover, throws and drapes. Use the matching colour of all these with your decor and the texture of the fabric will be according to the weather pattern

like lines or cotton in summer and velvet or any other thick fabric in the winter season. Use bright colors because they will enhance the look of the house within no time. Throws can be of any fabric like furry that will be cozy to put on the floor and will be easy to wash out. If you do not want to do anything then you can just change the cushions because they will have a great impact on the look of the house with no effort.

Use Rug:

Rugs are very easy to use and they have various benefits like being easy to clean, adding warmth to the room, giving a welcome vibe, innovative. The colour and texture of the rugs can be chosen with the one’s own choice and the decor of the room but there is a basic idea that if the room and furniture of the room are mostly plain they use patterned rugs and if the room is already much designed & decorated then use simple rugs. The main thing is to enhance their visibility because they connect the furniture with the floor and everything looks perfect and at its place.

Organize the junk:

Sometimes we just buy whenever we go to market even if we don’t need that specific thing because we have time and money. In the end, we just end up everything by making our house messy where things are just lying here and there at this time we must take notice and make a

list of what things are necessary & good and others can be stored for later use because nothing is wasted these days. So make a list and arrange everything properly in its specific place this idea will give your house an organized and new look by just putting in some effort. This step will take some days but you will realize that the result is just outstanding.

Focus on walls:

Walls are also the most important part of the house because it consists of most of our house. By just putting some effort into the walls we can transform the look of our house into a completely new one. Walls can be enhanced by various methods like painting, putting paper sheets,

wallpapers or canvas. Paint can be of any color but mostly used are bright colors according to the decor of the house like red, orange, yellow but some people like to have light colors as in grey, white. You can also add wallpapers of different textures, colours, and designs to add to the look of a house instantly.


These are some of the random tips to transform the loof of a dull house to a new one with less effort & budget. The experienced team at Dubai fit Out will help you at every step of this process.

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