How To Keep Your Shoes Always Look New

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Shoes are always a staple to any stylish wardrobe.  Shoes not only protect your foot when moving, but they are also an essential fashion item to boost your beauty. Shopping for shoes is very easy when you buy from coupon site like CouponUpto. You can buy high-quality shoes at an affordable price. The site offers the best discounts, coupons to help you save money when shopping for shoes.

In addition, after buying shoes, all of us want shoes to last as long as possible, right? But how to keep your shoes always look new? In this post, we share some tips to help you keep them looking as good as new.

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Classify footwear according to the purpose of use

Sorting shoes by each season and by the purpose of use will help your wardrobe. This way help your shoe closet look neat and keep your shoes in better shape.

  • Store other types of winter shoes in the same area.
  • Store flip-flops, sandals, and other summer footwear together.
  • Store high heels and luxury shoes together.
  • Similarly, you can put running shoes with sneakers together.

Clean the shoes properly

For shoes, too long stains on the shoe body will affect their quality. So try to clean them before placing the shoes in their storage containers. Attention should be paid to the material of the shoe when cleaning, using a special brush with shoes made of leather material, soapy water with canvas shoes …Especially, for white shoes or suede shoes, you need to know how to clean them properly.

Never put white shoes into a washing machine or dry them, even with canvas shoes. The pressure of rotation and the temperature can make your pair of shoes break. Each type of shoe with different materials will have different cleaning methods.

To take care of your shoes, it’s better to choose a climate-controlled environment to store them.  You should keep your shoes in a well-ventilated, high-lying place so that your shoes won’t get moldy. Besides, the sun will make your shoes quickly fade and damage the leather or fabric. Therefore, shoes will always be in their best condition when they are not exposed to too much sunlight.

Don’t store shoes in basements, garages, or other places with cold temperatures in the winter and hot in the summer because shoes will be easily damaged in these weather conditions.

Use shoe racks

If you have a lot of shoes, you need a storage area for those shoes you don’t use often. This way helps you arrange shoes easily after each use. You can choose wooden racks or plastic racks to classify your shoes for each purpose.

If there’s an old wooden ladder, turn it into a unique shoe rack. Just paint the color of the ladder to match the color of your room, then place the ladder against the wall. Then you arrange shoes on each step to stores easily and help keep their shape.

Use shoeboxes to store shoes

If you want to store shoes and don’t plan to use them for a month or longer, it’s best to put them in a shoebox. You can use the original shoebox when buying shoes to easily identify the type of footwear you have stored. This is also an easy way to organize your shoes without having to spend money on a shoe rack. Wrap shoes in acid-free paper to protect them during storage.

Add silica packets when storing shoes

Shoes, particularly leather shoes, are easy to be susceptible to moisture damage. So add silica packets is a great tip to keep them always good.  Place silica packs in the shoe closet or in your shoes when you don’t use them to remove dampness. Silica packets absorb moisture very well and keep your shoes as good as possible.

Deodorize shoes inside

Wearing shoes all day long will sometimes cause foot sweat that causes moisture and odor. Put a moisture-proof bag inside the shoe to absorb moisture and talcum powder (can be replaced by putting the unused teabag) to deodorize, keeping the shoes dry.

To limit the odor and moisture for shoes, choose good, high absorbent socks. In addition, the use of deodorant shoe insoles is also a good method.

In addition, you should replace the shoe insoles regularly. You can easily replace new shoe insoles or wash them so that sneaker shoes are always odor-free.

Use anti-fouling, waterproof chemicals

Before using the leather boots, you can find the best product for waterproofing leather boots. It will help your shoe clean and dry. Different shoe materials will have different types of chemicals. Don’t forget to use it on both the sole and the laces.

These chemicals only work for a few weeks. So please use periodically to ensure your shoes always to be protected.

Store boots upright

To keep your boot always look new and remain shape, it’s better to store them upright. To do this, there are some tips for you. For example, you can use a set of boot forms to put into your boots. If you want to buy it, you can use a pool noodle and cut it to size. Plus, add rolled cardboard into your boots to hold the shape of your boot. You can also use existing things like clean, dry glass bottles to turn the boot upside down.

Limit wearing shoes when it rains

The rain is the enemy of white shoes, leather shoes, canvas shoes because water and mud can ruin your white shoes. So choose dry days to use white shoes. But if you accidentally wet your shoes after a sudden downpour, don’t worry, apply the following method.

Put a little lime powder inside the wet shoes, then you will feel your shoes are significantly drier the next day.

In addition, you can also use newspaper, round up them and place into the shoes to help absorb moisturize and help keep the shape of your shoes.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you know how to keep your shoes always look new and clean as well as possible. Now, it’s time to apply the useful tips, and you are surely surprised by the result you gain.

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