How to Keep Yourself Safe Performing Umrah After COVID-19?

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Umrah is the basic ritual of Islam, Muslims around the world visit Saudi Arabia and perform Umrah round the year. You probably are finding the best Umrah Packages on the internet, for you, this is also important to know that after COVID-19, Umrah and Hajj would be needed more care. The Saudi Government is going to lift the travel ban at the end of this year, keep yourself updated about the latest news regarding Umrah on the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. This blog is written to let you be informed about the tips you can save yourself.

Tips to Take Care During Umrah After COVID-19:

Here are some tips to follow if you are going for Umrah at the end of this year. COVID-19 still prevails and it should seriously be taken. You are traveling to the place where hundreds and thousands of Muslims will also gather and the risk of corona spread would be more. You should take your measures to keep yourself safe at least. What measures should be taken? Here we go.

You will Need the COVID-19 test Before Travel:

These days, Umrah is banned from the outsiders and only is allowed for the people living in Saudi Arabia. The travel ban from many parts of the world has been lifted and people can go around but with necessary documents. The most important thing which is required on the airport is to show your COVID-19 test document. So you will have to carry out your COVID test from the known laboratory in your country before traveling. This can save many other people who are traveling to the Holy Mecca and Medina for performing Umrah.

Pack Extra Bag for Safety Tools:

You should pack an Extra bag (You can take a Small bag) to pack all the important tools to avoid COVID during your traveling and performing Umrah. Masks, Sanitizers, Extra clothes, Necessary medicines for if you get infected in Saudi Arabia, and other important things.

What Basic Medicine Works For Initial Stages of COVID:

Basic Medicine you should keep with your luggage should be the routine medicine which you use when get a fever or cold, flue. Pain killers are also an important part of the luggage if you are going somewhere, so must pack the pain killers. Anti-allergics are good to take with you to Saudi Arabia. These medicines can save you from any severe situation to become.

Keep All the Emergency Numbers with You:

You should have all the medical emergency numbers works in Saudi Arabia for any bad situation if occurs. You should at least have the ambulance, hospital, and police number in your phones. If you or your family member get ill, or injured by any means, you should not sit down idle, you should see and call the ambulance and take your relative to advance. 997 with the local code should be dialed from the mobile and the ambulance would reach at your place with no time.

Keep Distance from the Crowd – Follow SOPs:

Following SOPs and taking care should be our priority. You are at the place where hundreds and thousands of Muslims are traveling to perform Umrah. You are suggested to please keep a distance from the people, especially crowds. The government is responsible for the large gatherings but you at least can save yourself by keeping the distance from the people.

Don’t HandShake, Don’t Sneez in Public:

If you are having a cold or sneezing, you should avoid going to the gatherings and crowds. This is a very responsible attitude because people don’t know who can be infected with coronavirus or who is not. You should take care of yourself and others too, to keep yourself in self-quarantine there.

Always Use Sanitizer – Wash Hands When home:

If you are at home coming from somewhere, you should senitise your hands or wash your hands from anti-bacterial soap for 2 minutes. It is suggested that if you can take a bath after coming from Umrah virtual, that would be a perfect idea. Because this way, you can save yourself from all the germs and bactiria you brought from the Pilgrim.

Don’t Travel With Kids:

It is not recommended to travel with kids, but if there is no option, you can visit with your kids but with many precautions. You can bear the virus but unluckily when it comes to your kids, you will not want that them get ill from severe disease. So make all the arrangements for your kids to be saved by coronavirus during your Umrah experience.

Don’t Travel If you are already a patient:

It is not recommended to travel with patients during COVID-19. Even if you get someone in the flight, an older man or woman, ask the host to adjust your seat to somewhere else.

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