How to Know If You Are Selecting the Right Carpet Cleaner

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The least stressful way to clean your carpet is by vacuuming. This doesn’t totally get rid of build-ups of dirt and stains that have become more pronounced over time. For this reason, it is recommended that every 12 to 18 months, you should hire professional cleaning experts to perform deep cleaning for your carpet.

Finding the right carpet cleaning services in London may be quite tough. You can get the right carpet cleaner by confirming that they are certified by a standard organisation. Other factors to look out for include the experience, reputation and technology. 

This post will guide you on things to consider when you are planning to hire a carpet cleaning service.

  1. They must be professionally certified

    One of the most important things to consider before hiring a carpet cleaning service is if the company is professionally certified by a standard organisation like the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This certification body is one of the largest in the industry, consisting of more than 50,000 companies and technicians that are certified.

    Hiring experts with professional certification assures you of quality work. Companies with certification adhere strictly to the standard best practices in cleaning carpets. They have sufficient understanding of the right techniques to use for drying, stain removal and grooming.

    Failure of this type of companies to abide by the set standards can lead to a loss of reputation and their certification. Therefore, you can be rest assured that they will offer quality services.
  2. They should give comprehensive paperwork for their services

    You should consider a company that gives you the necessary paperwork for the services that they offer. In the event that your carpet gets damaged in the process of cleaning, this will guarantee that they will bear the cost of the damage.         

    Carpet manufacturers like Shaw Floors insist that you hire cleaners with IICRC certification if you do not want to invalidate your carpet warranty. Ensure that you carefully go through the contract before hiring any cleaner.
  3. Put bonding and insurance into consideration

    Ensure that any cleaning company you hire provides proof of bonding and insurance. This is important so that you are assured that the financial burden of any damage that may occur in the process of cleaning is totally handled by the company.

    You should also ensure that the insurance covers any damage to your property in the process of cleaning, so as to avoid incurring additional costs on repairing any of your property after they are done cleaning.

    Take enough time to go through the company’s insurance and be sure that it offers you adequate protection against any damage that occurs during the process of cleaning. You should also remember to confirm that your homeowner insurance does not pose any restrictions.
  4. They must have qualified and trained cleaning experts

    When you hire a carpet cleaning service, the entire cleaning will be handled by the employees of the company. This means that the quality of their employees determines the quality of the service they will provide. If possible, ensure that the employees have a professional license and are certified.

    Since the cleaners will be in your house, for safety reasons, it is necessary that you hire a company that has thoroughly screened their employees and can easily trace them in the case of any misconduct. Ensure that the company is willing to take responsibility for any of your property that their employees damage.

    The workers should be adequately skilled and possess enough knowledge about your kind of carpet. They should also be able to choose the appropriate cleaning materials that will be best for your carpet.
  5. Consider their cleaning procedure

    Before making the final selection for the carpet cleaning service to hire, get enough information about the cleaning process of prospective companies. There are several options for the cleaning process. A wet cleaning method may be used. In like manner, a steam cleaning method can still work fine. The drying time is substantial for these options.

    Dry cleaning methods could also be used. This lets you make use of the carpet after cleaning. Some cleaning methods involve the use of powerful chemicals while others make use of steam to clean your carpet. A quality carpet cleaning service will take into consideration your type of carpet before any cleaning treatment is recommended.

    Make sure you go through the cleaning recommendations of the manufacturer to keep your carpet in a safe condition.
  6. Use Green Technology

    The kind of cleaning products that the company uses can affect the health of your family, especially if you have people around that suffer from asthma and allergies. Some cleaning products are very harsh and can affect the appearance and durability of your carpet.

    As a result, you should consider carpet cleaning services that make use of green technology. Some companies do not even make use of soaps while some do not use chemical cleaning solutions for carpet cleaning.

    Using green technologies for cleaning makes your carpet clean and soft and only prolongs its lifespan.
  7. Extra Services?

    Most carpet cleaning companies only state the base price for their services in their adverts. Ensure that you find out the price for the other services that the company provides.

    You may need to put into consideration the cost of cleaning stairs and moving your belongings and furniture. Get a detailed breakdown of the price so that you are aware of what each cost represents.


Cost is a major determinant in the selection of a carpet cleaning service. However, the quality of the company should not be compromised. If you can, you should go through the previous jobs that have been carried out by the company if they make the details publicly available. You can also ask the customer service to refer you to any of their previous clients so you can find out about their performance.

Cleaning a carpet properly involves reviving the original state and visual appeal of the carpet, and this requires professional services. Ryan carpet cleaning offers you professional carpet cleaning services, expert cleaners and excellent quality for your carpet.

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