How To Make An Advertising Video

How To Make An Advertising Video
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The arrival and normalization of the Internet in our lives have made it part of our daily lives. This is why today we use the Internet for everything, especially when looking for information about something we need to buy.

This digital medium and its infinite information allow us to have data on many things, so today, it is very common to look for what we need to acquire and inform ourselves enough to make a good decision.

This is where the advertising videos come in, which are intended to promote a product or a brand full of everything the user needs to know to more easily find what they are looking for.

What is an advertising video and what is it for

Unlike a common advertising spot as we usually see on television, the advertising video is usually transmitted through web platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They have the advantage of being much more extensive and easier to understand. It can be a story, a feature compilation, a product demonstration, or any idea that might benefit the brand.

Uploading one to YouTube and promoting it through social networks is much cheaper than a television commercial, where time is worth money, while time is much more flexible on online platforms. These promotional videos are ideal for presenting a brand or product and connecting with the audience, which is why they are so popular and successful in digital marketing. Remember that for something,Facebook gave more importance to this format within its algorithm.

Through advertising videos, you can tell the story of how the company came about, explain in detail how a product, a page or a program works, you can make your own YouTube channel or even the content of a blog known.

Another great advantage is that it is unnecessary to know too much about audiovisual language or video editing to have content that you can sell. There are many free video ad makers that make the video creation process easy and blogs and tutorials that provide the data you need to do a great job.

How to make an effective advertising video

Although it is a format that is much easier to handle than a television spot, it must still have certain parameters that make it attractive and effective to fulfill its objective of selling or making the brand or product known.

Handles an appropriate language

The language of the advertising video will depend on the type of brand, the product that is being described, and the target audience. It is important to be clear about this because it is not the same to speak to adults as children. If the product is something technical in which you can use specialized terms, it would be very nice to do so, but if the public does not have this level, it is better to use simpler language.

Although it is a simpler advertising video format, it is important to remember that it still needs to be made up of all the elements that a commercial message requires, such as knowing the target audience, having a clear business objective, etc.

Keep it short

The online format is indeed much more flexible in terms of time, but it should not be believed that the user will spend a lot of time watching the video: it is still advertising and can be annoying for the public.

Ideally, the minute and a half should not pass, even less, considering that the first 3 seconds are the key to hook the viewer. All this will depend on what you want to do and it is very important to establish it in the pre-production of the material.

Show your product

It is vital that in the advertising video, you can see how the product works. A clear example is Wix, who uses this format to briefly explain how their website works to make sites simple and fast.The Internet is a slightly more sincere medium than others (just a little) and it is good to show that the operation of the product is effective and, especially, real. Elements such as price, accessibility, applications, etc., are also important when making an advertising video.

If it is a brand, the good idea is to highlight its importance briefly. It can be through a message or the company’s history, showing how it helps in people’s daily lives.

Take care of the appearance of the video

Simple does not mean that it is something ugly or mediocre. Although a great command of audiovisual language is not required, it is important to highlight that the appearance of the video must be taken care of.

Using a quality camera to create good resolution footage, having the right light and a clear message should be sufficient. In addition, there is the key element of the thumbnail image, which must be well done and well thought out enough to capture the public’s attention. Steve Jobs already said that design was important, and he was right.

The description is more important than you think

Many leave a good description, not remembering that users turn to it if they feel they have been missing information. The ideal is to write a description with all the necessary information: a summary of the brand or product, social networks, website and the rest of the contact information if possible.

To sum up

An advertising video is a great way to advertise a brand or product without investing too much money. The important thing is to know the aspects that make this technique the ideal option for many entrepreneurs and put them into practice to have excellent results.

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