How to Make an Infographic? Tools and Tricks to Create Your Infographic Designs

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A graphical representation of information which anybody can easily understand just by seeing it once is known as infographic. If you want that voluminous data should be presented easily and its message should be communicated quickly then it is better to use infographics.

In a big company every level of management uses it so that information can be viewed at a glance only. We can use network diagrams, Gantt charts, mind maps, tree diagrams, line charts, histograms, pie charts, and bar graphs in infographics. These are basically business intelligence software’s components or tools.

Sometimes its designs are poorly created and it makes it difficult to understand the information.

If you have the basic knowledge of the best practices of infographic design then it will not be difficult for you to create its designs that are effective and beautiful.

Now I am going to tell you how to create infographics by using various tools and tricks.

  1. First your infographic design should be planned by you – A story is always present in each kind of data set. You may also want to tell a story. You can explain it with the help of infographic design. You have to focus on the basic goal of your infographics. It is because for writing the content only limited space is allowed in it. Your message should be properly communicated in its layout.

An infographic outline has to be created first and then you can start designing. Important details of design, data and headers should be included in the outline.

  1. A compelling title must be written by you – It will be good for you to pick a descriptive and catchy title. The title should be like that the message contained in the content can be easily sensed by the readers.
  2. Your infographic design should include a wireframe or a grid design – For any design the structural base are wireframes and grids. The information and elements can be easily organized if you use a grid for designing. In order to align elements and objects together an essential role is played by the grid designs. For instance, in a single vertical grid line the items can be aligned easily.

Margins can also be created in a system of grid design. The visual tension can be avoided if your canvas edge is placed at a certain distance from design elements. There must be enough space between these.

Inside the canvas edge there should be a gap of 20 px and then elements and objects should be placed.

  1. For the data a right infographic layout should be used – For your data the best infographic layout should be picked by you. You can select from a lot of templates available. For instance, in case of a minimal infographic one column layout can be used by you.
  2. Best practices of data visualization should be followed by you – Take a paper and a pen and write your plan. By doing this the designs and concepts can be easily picked by you.

Now for your data the best chart types should be selected by you. Before selecting the chart type you have to understand what message should be conveyed from your data. You have to think if an outlier, or a trend over time, or a single number or some other kind of data has to be represented in it.

You can use line charts, column graphs, bar graphs or pie charts in it. Data can be compared very easily with the help of a column graph. A line chart can be used to show that with the passing of time how a trend is conveyed. A time of 10 seconds or less than this is available to the readers for reading your chart and so it should be created in such a way that the readers can read it very easily.

  1. Different design elements should be incorporated in your infographic – When icons, graphs or images are not able to represent the information of your infographic clearly then you can make the use of typography. Now it becomes necessary that your data must have the best fonts selected by you. It is important that the amount of text is limited and more importance is given to the headers, dates and icons. A legible type is generally preferred. The readers will face difficulty in reading if the type is presented in the form of a script or if it is decorative.

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