How to Print Your Babies Memories?

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When you become a parent, it’s the happiest time of your life, and you likely will want to remember them through their growing years. However, you can do this by preserving the handprint and footprint of your baby.

 Moreover, you can do this yourself by using a baby casting kit that is available online. These printing kits are pretty easy to use and don’t create any mess, unlike the old traditional ways. Getting your baby’s hand and footprint preserved also becomes a great gift or keepsakes. However, it’s a task to get babies’ hands and footprints printed, but I have had lots of experience printing hundreds of little hands and feet over the years. So, to help you, I am sharing some tips and tricks to make you work with ease.

1. Using Kit

If you want, you can use traditional ways; however, choosing the best baby hand and footprint kit will work best. These kits are made with non-toxic and safe materials which make it suitable to be used for your newborn also. They are easy to use, take no time, and give the best results.

When you use these kits, no mess is created, so you can do it at any time while your baby is sleeping, feeding, or are busy with other tasks.

2. Get Help 

Don’t try and do it on your own – as you can’t keep the baby, the casting paper, and your calmness together. So, get help- one person can hold the baby, others can hold the baby casting kit paper, canvas or book. And one person who can hold your baby’s hand or foot flat on this kit.

3. First Practice A Dry Run

Before actual printing, first practice to get a perfect print of the baby’s hand.

4. Be Confident and Stiff

While taking your baby’s handprint, you should hold your baby’s hand firmly and strongly to get the best result. Hold your baby’s tiny hands lovingly and securely. 

5. Positioning the Prints Right

You don’t want to mess with the space provided, so carefully place your baby’s hand and foot. Start from the top left corner and work your way across. This way, you can get a lot of prints on board or paper.

6. Getting Foot Printed

It’s pretty easy to do it but don’t do it when they are lying down you won’t get it right. Put the paper on board, or plane surface then hold you, baby, up as if they are standing. And then make your partner press each foot down from heel to toe.While getting handprints or footprints, you don’t have to press for a longer time on a baby casting kit. Gently press down tips, knuckles of fingers and toes to get the perfect prints.

If you don’t succeed in the first attempt, you can try again as with baby hand and footprint kits you can wipe and do it again.

There are various handprint ornament kit also available which are best for birthday gifts and make an excellent baby shower gift too.

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