How to Reduce Packers and Movers Charges

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Relocation is not an easy task. Shifting your entire goods from one place to another, with utmost safety and security is a hectic job. While shifting the house, what we are most concerned about is that the expenditure should not exceed our pocket. So, we need packers and movers that suits our budget. There are many moving companies in the market, which provide the best of service at affordable prices. If you want to go for a budget-friendly move, then these tips are surely for you.

Make a Pre-move Plan

Making a strategy about your move is a wise step. Proper planning will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses and hassles in your move. Make a list of items that have to be shifted and note it down on a paper.

The sooner you start, the more time you will get to sort out things. Make the list in a way to categorize bulky items and light-weight items differently. This will help you to get a rough idea of the volume of the goods that need to be transported.

De-clutter the House

While making the list, make sure that you don’t carry unrequired items and articles with you. Dispose of the non-essential items of the house. You can either donate your old clothes and utensils to the needy or sell some articles which you are not going to use in the future. Donating will also bring a good feeling. In this way, you can curtail your expenses. The lesser goods you have, the lesser you will have to pay for it.

Schedule your Move Time

Shifting at the right time and day surely helps to cut down your expenses. Like, if you plan to shift on month ends and weekends, packers will charge you a hefty amount as they are in high demand in this period.

But if you shift on weekdays or in the middle of the month, then there are high chances of getting cheaper quotations and packers will also have enough time to give complete focus to your relocation. Your relocation process will be more efficient due to less burden on packers. So, shifting during the off-season is a pretty clever idea.

Compare and Choose Movers

Another tip to reduce shifting charges is to compare different packers and movers companies. There are many moving companies available online. Most of the companies work differently and there are variations in charges also. You can get multiple quotes by registering your query online. Just compare the rates and other charges and in this way, you will get a perfect match for your move.

But remember one thing, do not fall into the trap for cheaper rates, as they might turn out to be fraudsters and later on compel you to pay a heavy amount in return for your goods. Always check the credibility of the moving companies. Go through reviews and ratings before fixing the move.

Set up Your Budget

Preparing a budget chart having all information related to your move will surely help to reduce your relocation charges. Every expense, whether it be packing, transportation, GST, insurance or warehouse, etc. needs to be noted down.

This is a little step, but it will help you to spend wisely and will also keep you aware of every single penny you are paying for. Do an in-depth inquiry about each service to see if any extra charges are levied.

Keep Valuables and Essentials with Yourself

You should never leave your valuables like laptops, mobile phones, jewelry, documents, or any other gadgets in your regular household goods that have to be transported. Always carry these valuables with you as these things are irreplaceable. Keep essential items around you so that you can use them when needed.

All the necessary items like toiletries, medicines, clothes, cleaning supplies should be kept in a separate bag which has to be carried by you. These things will be required first to survive in the initial few days of your new home.

Reach Your Destination on Time

Make sure that you reach your new home before the goods arrive. If you get to delay for even one day, the packers will have to keep your goods in the warehouse and for it, you will have to pay additional charges. So, it is very important to arrive before the goods arrive. By arriving earlier, you can determine that all your belongings have arrived safely.

Keep Your Appliances Move Ready

Movers will charge additionally to dismantle appliances like beds, refrigerators, or ACs. In order to avoid paying extra, you should make your appliances ready to move before a day or two of your moving date. You can defrost the fridge and clean the shelves and arrange them safely. It will save them from damage in the transit.

Likewise, you can also dismantle your Ac and RO water systems by yourself. You can save a bit by doing it on your own. But, if you don’t have proper knowledge of disassembling, it’s better to look for professionals who know the exact technique and who will use important tools for the purpose. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the appliances, which in turn will make you spend more on repairs.

Disconnect the Utility Services

One more way to reduce your expenses is to disconnect the utility services of your home before moving. People generally tend to forget this, and they realize only when the bill arrives and they have to pay for unused services.

Contact all your utility departments like gas connection, water connection, electricity, cable, Newspaper, Milk vendor, etc. a day before moving and inform them about your move and ask them to stop or transfer it to your new location on a particular date.

The Bottom line

By applying above-mentioned tips, you can get a cost-effective move. This will surely help in the reduction of your overall moving cost. Hope you will consider these points before hiring any packing and moving company.

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