How To Select Your Startup Company Name in 2022

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The decision of choosing the name of any company is just as important as any other decision. Most of the companies don’t value it, and later on, find themselves stuck with a stupid name. Others might have a bright and good idea but they might be having second thoughts about whether it would work or not. The wrong name can pose many problems and keep the business from having a connection with its potential customers. 

Once a company is registered with a name, changing it can prove it to be very challenging, troublesome and time-consuming. It may also suffer to keep its existing customers as they might search it from the old name and find nothing. So they might shift to a completely different brand or company. The name of the company is the new identity of the owner. 

On the other hand, if from the beginning itself a better name should have been used, things would have been different for them. There is no preset algorithm which needs to be followed to find out the best of the company. But using some tricks and thinking correctly may give out some very good results for the companies. 

Short and Precise

The company should try to use the minimum characters as short names are easy to pronounce as well as write. Even if it is of two words, it must be short in order to keep it rememberable. This will eventually prove to be beneficial for the company during its campaigns and advertisements. As it will easily fit into it. Business name generator can be used for getting an idea of available names as per the segment of the business. 

Easy to Spell

The spelling of it should not be complex or challenging so that it is easier for people to search for it over the internet. If the spelling is tricky the user might end up getting confused. If it has an odd spelling, it will cause problems for the user. 

Don’t Restrict Growth by Getting Specific

Choosing a name which specifically mentions about one product can become a hurdle in the prospective growth of the business. If later in the course, they plan to diversify then it may pose a problem because it no longer seems fit. Changing the name as per the launch of each product can turn out to be a costly affair. It will consume a lot of time again, and instead of doing that it should have been done in the first place. The company should use all the available resources to find out the best words which can depict their strength in a single word. And then they can use it accordingly as a brand name. 

Go for a .com domain

Customers tend to have a feeling of trust in the company which has a .com domain. If the company’s name .com domain has already been taken by someone, then they should not just take any extension like .net, .org, etc. The company can also approach to the person who owns the .com domain and can buy it for a price. 

Get Feedback

It is important to get honest feedback from trusted employees. The public can also be involved in choosing the perfect name, as ultimately they are the one who will buy the product or avail the service. Suggestions from friends and family can prove to be valuable. Some might come up with a completely different idea. 

Social Media Profiles

Once a company is established it needs to promote itself over various platforms. Social media is one of them and needs to be thoroughly checked for any page or account that may seem similar to the decided name. This means the company goes back to block 1 again and needs to figure out something else. In this era, social media brings customers to a company or business rather than the old school advertisements. 

Convey meaning

The name which the company chooses should convey some message or meaning. It should provoke a certain kind of emotion in the heart of the audience so that they develop a certain feeling of attachment to the company. 

Choose a catchy name

The name which is finally selected should be attractive as well as catchy. It should roll off the tongue pretty easily and also should sound good when said loudly. It should be so that even if a person hears it hundreds of times in a day, he should not feel irritated by it. Rather it should create a positive and happy impact on the person. 

On the one hand, keeping all these things in mind is very necessary to come up with a name that brings success along with it. However, on the other hand, the company should not spend too much time. A reasonable amount of time spent on it will be enough for getting a good name. Sometimes spontaneously taken decisions can also do the magic for the company and at times even if they spend a month over it they won’t get the perfect thing or decision.

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