How to setup Spectrum email settings on iOS & Android?

How to setup Spectrum email settings on iOS & Android?
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If you are a spectrum email user, then you may know how amazing it is. But if you don’t know about Spectrum email, let us tell you a little about it. Spectrum emails are widely popular and used around the world due to their reliable, quick, and efficient webmail service. Another great feature of spectrum email is that it can be used on any device without any issues.

We have also found that a large number of iPhones and Android users now use spectrum emails on their smartphones. Thus in this guide, you will find all kinds of settings essential to setup spectrum email and password. Hence, you should read this guide to the end.

The Spectrum Email Settings For iPhone

Use the following steps to do the Spectrum email settings on iPhone:

  • So foremost, open the Settings tab of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then look for the mail option on the settings tab. Under this tab, search for the Contacts and Calendars button, and select it.
  • In the Contacts and Calendars tab, select the other

Now tap on the Add mail account option and fill in the following details in the respective tab:

  • So enter your complete name in the Name Field.
  • Then enter your complete spectrum username in the Email address The format of the email address should be something like
  • Next, enter your email account’s password in the Password
  • Also, enter the name that you want your emails to be known by in the Description
  • Then select the Next

Now use the following POP server information for the outgoing and incoming server settings and configuration:

  • Use in the Incoming mail server host section.
  • Then enter your spectrum username or email address in the Username
  • Next, you need to enter your Spectrum email password in the password section.
  • And lastly, tap on the Save button to complete the Spectrum email settings on your iPhone.

In case you don’t want to use the POP server settings to configure your email, you can use the IMAP settings instead. Use the following information to configure the email using the IMAP settings:

  • So firstly, open the Settings tab of your iPhone and search for mails
  • Once you open the Mails tab, select the option saying Contact and calendars.
  • Next, select the Accounts option and click on the Add Mail Account
  • Now, tap on the other option on the following tab and then select the Add the mail account
  • Now you will land on another page, on which you need to fill in your Spectrum email account’s email address and password in the respective section.
  • Then hit the Next

Now you need to use the following IMAP server information in the respective sections:

  • So firstly, Select the IMAP option in the account type
  • Then enter in the incoming server section.
  • Next, enter in the Outgoing server section.

You also need to set the advance settings for your spectrum email. Use the following information for the advanced settings:

  • In the Incoming server section, enter
  • In the Outgoing Server section, enter
  • And keep the SSL settings On for both the IMAP and SMTP

Now use the information in the following section to configure the email settings of the Android device.

The Spectrum Email settings for the Android device

The following are steps to do the email setting for spectrum email on an Android device:

  • First of all, open the email app that you commonly use on your Android device and log in to the app using the Spectrum email login credentials.

Then use the following Spectrum email settings to configure the email app’s email settings:

  • Here you have to select the POP3 as the server settings option and then tap on the Next
  • Now use your Spectrum email address in the Username section to log in.
  • After typing in your email address in the email address section, enter your email account’s password in the Password Make sure that you enter your complete and correct spectrum email account password.

Now you need to fill in the information for the Outgoing server. Use the following outgoing server settings:

  • In the Outgoing server settings section, you need to enter
  • Then use 587 or 25 as the Outgoing port
  • Keep the Security settings as
  • Enter your Spectrum email login credentials in the Username and Password
  • And lastly, use 110 or 995 as the Port

Once you configure the above settings, tap on the Ok button to end the configuration process. Thus your Spectrum email settings process on your android device is complete.

So these were the essential email settings of Spectrum email for iPhone and Android devices. We hope that this blog has been fruitful for you. In case you find any issues using your Spectrum email on your iPhone or Android device even after using this guide, feel free to contact us. Or you can also directly contact the Spectrum helpline using their official page.

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