This Is How to Stop LED Lights From Flickering

how to stop LED lights from flickering
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Have you been dealing with flickering lights more often these days? Perhaps it’s getting on your nerves, or you’re worried it means something more. If so, we have answers that could help.

Flickering LEDs is a common electrical problem in most homes, but it could imply different issues. So, one of the first things you want to learn is how to stop LED lights from flickering.

To get started, here are a couple of solutions on how to repair the problem.

Check the Installation

If you’re having trouble identifying where the primary issue lies, you can start by checking the bulb’s setup. Flickering could be because of poor installation, wherein connections are loose or in the wrong places.

A few things you want to make sure of when you check LED light installation are as follows:

  • Tight wires
  • Secure screws
  • Correct connection points

You can also disconnect the power to the circuit to work on any problems with the wiring before testing it again. Your light could also blink if you attach it to an incompatible device, like a dimmer switch. It works by turning the bulb’s power on and off a few times every second. If it fails to work on the LED lights, it causes it to flicker.

Maintain Proper Voltage

Power sources tend to have a limited amount of energy they can supply to connected devices and appliances. Some homeowners often overlook this without realizing it could cause issues with the technology it powers.

You want to be sure you have enough power to supply appliances across your home, including devices with smaller loads and lights. If not, using them simultaneously could cause the voltage to change and result in several electrical problems.

As much as possible, only connect appliances that fall within the power your source can provide. This way, you can avoid flickering LED lights and maintain the rest of your devices.

Use High-Quality Bulbs and Drivers

Using low-quality light bulbs can lead to several electrical problems besides flickering. While cheap, they cost more to maintain in the long run. The damages could also affect other electrical components aside from your lights.

Many recommend using high-quality bulbs to lessen the chances of damage, like blinking. Although they cost more, they have longer lifespans and durability, allowing you to use them worry-free for a while.

Moreover, they could help you save since you won’t have to repair or replace them too often. The same applies to the LED drivers you use for lights.

Replace or Repair Defective Parts

If you discover a problem with a part in your lights, it’s best to repair or replace it as soon as possible. Leaving it for too long can result in further problems, causing you to spend more on electrical repairs than you initially needed.

Note that the repair and replacement costs vary on the problem and type of LED light. You can expect to pay anywhere between $50 to a few thousand dollars.

You also want to check the drivers that operate the LED light’s system. They are responsible for managing the current and act as a protection pad for your lights.

If these get damaged, it could cause your lights to flicker since they become more susceptible to heat as time passes. Defective LED drivers could also mean the driver isn’t receiving enough power to function or maintain optimal performance.

Assess the Connections

When your bulb’s wiring or circuits are loose, it prevents adequate power from consistently passing through. As a result, the lights start to blink since it’s not getting enough supply.

Sometimes, it occurs due to poor manual handling during the placement or installation of the lights. If you notice multiple flickering LED lights, there might be an issue with the panel or connection points.

Always be sure to check your connections before you conclude you should switch your LED lights. Most flickering issues stem from a problem with the wiring and require an easy fix.

So, it’s best to check twice if all the connections are secure or in their proper places. This way, you don’t have to pay a large sum for new LED lights or unnecessary replacements.

Check Your Power Source

Your power wattage affects how your LED lights function, depending on what you use. If you use devices with high power loads in the same circuit as your lights, it could impact the output of the lights.

So, your power source could be the reason your lights begin to flicker. Some common reasons include the lack of supply or power surges. When these occur repeatedly, it could wear out your LED drivers and other components, causing failure later.

If the LED light and its entire setup look good, head over to the power source to see if the problem lies there.

Contact an Emergency Electrician

If it looks like your lights require deeper assessment and configuration, you want to be sure you get help from the best electrician around. You can check Linc Electric to see what licensed professionals usually offer to solve electrical issues.

Many also recommend contacting an electrician if you have trouble figuring out the reason for the problem or if the given solutions don’t work. It could mean the issue is more severe or requires specific tools to accomplish.

When you need an emergency electrician to make the repair, it’s best to look for a credible one near your location. This way, it assures you they can handle urgent situations without worrying about further damage.

Learn How to Stop LED Lights From Flickering

It’s good to learn how to stop LED lights from flickering to prevent further problems with your electrical components. At the same time, it allows you to solve simple issues and determine what fixes you need before you get professional help.

While there are instances where it’s best to contact an electrician, you can try to handle the fixes on your own to save on possible costs.

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