How To Unlock Slepe Teleport Osrs

How to unlock Slepe Teleport in OSRS
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Welcome to this guide on how to unlock the Slepe Teleport in OSRS. If you’re an avid player of Old School RuneScape, you know that teleportation spells and items are essential for efficient gameplay. The Slepe Teleport is one such item that can make your life a lot easier by allowing you to quickly travel to the town of Slepe. However, unlocking this teleport requires some effort and knowledge of the game’s mechanics. In this article, we’ll take you through all the steps necessary to obtain and use the Slepe Teleport so that you can enjoy its benefits in your gameplay.

What is the Slepe Teleport?

Have you ever found yourself wandering around the world of Old School RuneScape, trying to find your way to a specific location but struggling to do so? If so, then the Slepe Teleport may be just what you need. This teleport is a useful tool that can help you quickly and easily travel to the town of Slepe, which is located in the Morytania region.

The Slepe Teleport is a spell that can be unlocked by completing the A Taste of Hope quest. Once you have completed this quest, you will gain access to the spell and can use it whenever you need to travel to Slepe. This teleport is particularly useful for players who are looking to complete tasks or quests in this area, as it allows them to quickly get there without having to spend time traveling through other regions first. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get around Old School RuneScape, consider unlocking the Slepe Teleport today!

How to get to Slepe

To get to Slepe, you will need to have completed the ‘A Taste of Hope’ quest. Once you have completed this quest, you can access Slepe by using the Drakan’s medallion teleport option and selecting the Slepe option.

If you do not have a Drakan’s medallion, you can also get to Slepe by using the fairy ring code CIP. However, this requires completion of the Fairytale II – Cure a Queen quest and having a Dramen or Lunar staff in your inventory.

Once you arrive in Slepe, head north-west until you reach the bank. This is where you will need to go to get the required items for unlocking the Slepe Teleport spell. It’s worth noting that there are some aggressive monsters in the area, so be prepared for combat if necessary.

Overall, getting to Slepe isn’t too difficult as long as you’ve completed the necessary quests and have access to either a Drakan’s medallion or a fairy ring.

How to get the required items

To use the Slepe Teleport in OSRS, you will need to have certain items in your inventory. The first item is a Salve amulet (e). This amulet can be obtained by completing the Haunted Mine quest. Once you have the amulet, you will need to imbue it at Nightmare Zone using 800,000 points.

The second item you will need is a Drakans medallion. This medallion can be obtained by completing the Sins of the Father quest. It allows players to teleport directly to Ver Sinhaza, which is located near Slepe.

Lastly, you will need at least one charge on your Drakan’s Medallion and Salve Amulet (e) in order to use the Slepe Teleport. Make sure to check that both items are charged before attempting to teleport.

Overall, obtaining these required items may take some time and effort, but they are essential for unlocking the Slepe Teleport and accessing its benefits.

How to use the Slepe Teleport

Now that you have successfully obtained the required items and unlocked the Slepe Teleport, it’s time to learn how to use it. To use the teleport, simply right-click on the Drakan’s Medallion and select “Slepe” from the list of options.

Once you have selected Slepe as your destination, a loading screen will appear and you will be teleported directly to Slepe. It’s important to note that using the Slepe Teleport requires one charge from your Drakan’s Medallion, so make sure you have enough charges before using it.

Overall, using the Slepe Teleport is a quick and convenient way to travel to Slepe without having to go through multiple steps or obstacles. It’s especially useful if you need to access the Nightmare Zone or other areas in Morytania quickly. So why not give it a try and see for yourself how easy it is to use?

What are the benefits of using the Slepe Teleport?

Using the Slepe Teleport in OSRS can be incredibly beneficial for players who are looking to save time and resources. One of the main advantages of this teleport is that it allows you to quickly access the town of Slepe without having to travel there manually. This can be especially useful if you need to complete quests or activities in Slepe, as it saves you the hassle of navigating through dangerous areas or dealing with other obstacles.

Another benefit of using the Slepe Teleport is that it can help you save money on transportation costs. If you were planning on using a different method of transportation, such as a boat or a magic carpet, these options can often be expensive and time-consuming. By using the Slepe Teleport instead, you can avoid these costs altogether and get where you need to go quickly and easily.

Overall, if you’re looking for a convenient way to travel around OSRS without breaking the bank or wasting too much time, then the Slepe Teleport is definitely worth considering. With its many benefits and ease-of-use, it’s no wonder why so many players have already started taking advantage of this powerful tool!


In conclusion, unlocking the Slepe Teleport in OSRS can be a game-changer for players who want to save time and resources while traveling. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily obtain the required items and access the teleportation spell. Once unlocked, the Slepe Teleport can provide numerous benefits such as faster travel times, easier access to certain areas, and increased efficiency in completing tasks. So why not give it a try? Unlocking the Slepe Teleport may just be the key to taking your OSRS gameplay experience to the next level.


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