How to write an appropriate answer?

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Writing an apt or appropriate answer to a question is also a key skill needed for the students. Every student will not have the prowess of writing the answer in a precise manner. While writing the answer one must focus on the quality of the solution or answer, not the quantity. Each type of question has its own way of presenting the answers. One cannot just write the answer in a monotonous way. In this article you will learn how to write an apt answer.

Clear and to the point answer

The answer to the question asked must be to the point. Choose the information that most perfectly expresses the meaning of the answer. Instead of writing all the points related to the question asked, one must directly highlight the main keywords that indicate the answer. Reading the chapter several times, practising the questions and referring to certain books like Lakhmir Singh Solutions, help in gaining knowledge on the way of writing the answers.
Avoid Repetition
To write the appropriate answer one must completely understand the question at first. Secondly, there must not be any repetition of the points in the answer. One can explain all the points in a brief but not repeat the points. Few students write the similar points again and again to make the answer lengthier, but that is not right. The answer should be explained to the point and in a crisp manner.

The flow of the answer

The flow of the answer leads to maximum attention and marks. Every answer has a proper flow and concept. The concept must be explained in the flow like how it starts, how the process takes place, how it ends. The flow must be appropriate with a necessary introduction, the body of the answer and also the conclusion. For instance, in biology, while explaining the digestion process we say that the digestion starts from the mouth and then moves to the food pipe and then the further steps. The answer must flow in a proper manner and must not have an abrupt ending. The ending of the answer must either have a few examples, applications and a small conclusion. Referring to various competitive books like Lakhmir Singh Solutions For Class 10 Biology will help in gaining knowledge of the way to present the answer.

Attract the attention

The answers written by the students must be in such a manner that they must attract the attention of the other person. To write in this way, one must write pointwise, use the necessary diagram, equations wherever possible. One can create a pleasant impression by underlining the keywords of the answer, using the flowchart, or arrows to showcase the mechanism. The main key to seeking attention is handwriting and presentation. Good handwriting and proper presentation will definitely help in scoring good grades in the examination.

Answering as per marks

Every question carries a certain amount of marks. The question marks may vary from 1 mark to 10 marks. The answer must be explained as per the marks. It must be noted that a 10 mark question cannot be answered by a single word and a single mark question cannot be answered for pages together. Proper utilisation of marks and time can be judged in this manner. Do not just write the answer to increasing the length of answers. Rather, frame the answers by introducing the right keywords.
Answers must be studied by every student and every student knows the answer. Only the student who presents well and writes well is noticed. Utilisation of proper writing skills helps in scoring well and yields good grades. The proper writing skills and techniques if implemented properly while composing the answers, certainly will help you achieve the best grades.

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