Ideas to Increase the Durability of any House

Ideas to Increase the Durability of any House
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While building a new house or renovating an old one the most important factor to be considered is its durability. We spend a lot of amount on our houses so the end product we got must be durable enough to bear any type of hard conditions whether they are storms, heavy rains, radiations or any other type of harms. We pay a lot to the interior designers and they must focus on the material of everything that is being used during construction. A house is a place where we don’t only live and make memories but it is the asset we make to pass it to our next generations so it must be hard and strong enough to withstand any disastrous situation without any harm to the actual building. The experienced team present at Residential Interior Design Dubai or Commercial Fit-out company in Dubai will help you out in this regard to have a perfect type of construction, furnishings, and interior design. Here are some of the basic tips to follow while constructing a new home or renovating an old one.

Select material with attention:

You have to select the construction material wisely and with much care because it will be the most important part. Try to select the best material that will withstand the bad weather conditions and will protect the home. Most people prefer to use marble, stones, steel, cement, chips and bricks because these all materials are the safest to have in the home because of the durability and other features they have the natural stones are very energy efficient and are sustainable. You can use marble, iron and bricks for the roof construction and sidings use cement. All these materials are weather resistant and provide durability for a longer period as compared to the wood and slate slidings as they can be attacked by the moist & pests which will make them poor exterior design materials. So it’s just to focus and choose the material of the construction with proper care.

Choose the main door with care:

Choose the main door of the house with proper care because it’s important to build the first impression of your house. In the past, there were two main choices for the main door one was the metal other was the wooden door but these both are not considered to be good these days because these will get damaged by the time. Any moist will make the wood less resistive and it will also badly affect the design of the door. On the other hand, metal doors are too heavy to push and pull and are not considered to be effective these days so you can use the fibreglass made doors as they are very lightweight and has the quality of both metal & wood. These doors are strong as the metal and have the designs as the wooden door so you can choose this while

considering the factor of durability.

Focus on drainage system:

While construction or renovation, you must have to focus on the drainage system because water leakage can cause serious problems in the end. Sometimes because of the poor quality water pipes or due to any mistake of plumbing the water gets a leak and it starts damaging the walls, corners and wooden material or in rare cases it can lead to serious flooding in the house. So the efficient water drainage system must be taken into the account to avoid all this mess in the house. Most of the interior designers recommend using PVC pipes that are very efficient to drain the water out of the house plus they are long- lasting and can drain any kind of heavy water like in a rainy system. Gardens are in every house these days but they can cause serious problems if the traditional drainage systems are used so you can use the permeable pavers that are made up of concrete. They are very efficient to drain the water outside and also are productive during any kind of water leakage or water damage.

Waterproof the windows timely:

Another factor to be considered is to waterproof the windows because the windows are the part of any house or room which bear bad weather conditions so they must be strong and durable enough to protect the house in any condition. They bear the heavy rainfalls, sunlight, storms so they must be productive enough. You can increase their productivity by using any kind of shutters according to the weather conditions as in Bermuda shutters or hurricane shutters because these are heavy weather resistants & also check the seal of the windows regularly to avoid any inconvenience at the later stages.


These are some of the simple tips to avoid any loss of the house after completion because it’s very tough to repair anything when the construction is completed and everything is done.

Consult any Fit-out Company in Dubai to have the best durability of your house.


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