Ideas to make Forced Family Fun Less Forced

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We all desire the best for our children, and from a very young age, we focus to provide them with quality education. We make sure they are well behaved and contain better socialization skills. But most of us lack the interest in our kid’s physical activities which is highly essential for their physical health. Many people think that doing a workout is just fine for the physical health of their kid’s but building a healthy lifestyle also includes having a fun time with family or friends.

We all know that our generation is being raised dependent on technology these days. Almost kids of all ages have phones or tablets in their hands 24/7 on which they socialize without stepping out from their homes. Due to this, our kids are living in the virtual world more than the present moment.

How long do you think they can leave their phone? If you ask your kid that you are going to the park and they cannot use their phone for a day. Do you think they would be excited or will get upset? You know it better than most kids would not appreciate the idea. There is almost no time that they don’t use their phones.

It is tough to plan a fun time with your family. Mostly because the idea of fun is different for every person in the family, it is quite challenging to plan where they should go together because most kid’s do not agree on what adults have on their mind, which leaves no choice for adults either to compromise their happiness for their kids.

So, in order to appreciate everyone preference you have to pressurize other members of the family to enjoy time together. Forced family fun ideas are unexpected plans which are a bumper for everyone involved. You cannot just order or torcher other members to enjoy in new ways. Either you can use some effective strategies to make forced family fun less forced.

  • Ask for their input

To make sure that no one gets upset about the plan, you can take the consideration of everyone involved. It means being honest and accepting the likes and dislikes of every member of the family and making a plan that works for all.

You might be thinking, how will this democratic approach work? Ask for the suggestions from every family member and make a list of their preference. Like if the adults want to spend a relaxing day at the beach and kids want some action and fun activities then look for a beach that offers fun activities like snorkeling or jet-skiing. So that everyone can have an ideal time, first everyone can spend time by enjoying fun rides and for the rest of the day they can relax while sitting on a beach chair.

  • Encourage your family

The best way to create a positive attitude toward family time is by adding one preference of every member into the plan and involve them in preparations. If you are going on a picnic, let your kids pick the menu and ask your husband to be the in charge of the music. However, if you are going on a road trip, make everyone in charge of different tasks like one take care of snacks, one of navigation and as follow.

Distributing responsibilities can be challenging for the person who is used to handling everything on their own. But it is an excellent way to empower and encourage other family members to be a part of the activity rather than just being there for a ride. It will also make them less likely to complain. 

  • Be Spontaneous

It is quite common that the family fun planner often focusses on the destination instead of the journey. People often forget that the anticipation is always better than the actual thing. Like if you plan to go to a theme park, it is quite obvious that your kids will love the idea and have a great mood. So, all you have to do is to make it more exciting for them by playing games, singing songs and enjoying each other’s company. However, if you went out without having any fun, no one will care that they are going for an outing. Also, keep in mind that things do not always go as planned. So, be patient and do not get upset. Always be prepared with plan B so that you do not get upset if things do not go well. 

However, these are just some easy ways to make your family interested in fun activities together. No one knows your family better than you. So, consider the ideas you think they would get convinced of. Spending quality time with your family is priceless. These are the times we create memories that last forever. For spending quality time with your family, you do not need huge events just pick something that allows your family to have fun and connect with each other.

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