Important Details to Conduct Medical Examination for USA Immigrant Visa

Medical Examination for USA Immigrant Visa
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Children who are below 15 years do not need to conduct blood tests or chest x-rays but they will have to undergo physical examination and immunization.

The medical examination consists of a physical examination, medical record, blood tests to detect syphilis and, chest X-ray.

Conducting a physical examination means taking an examination of your eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs, heart, xtremities, skin, lymph nodes, external genitalia and abdomen.

In order to help your physician, you need to prepare an accurate report of the applicant that discusses about their medical record and present conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy or other conditions and medicines to be taken for treating your health condition.

Based on the applicant’s age, medical record and present condition, the cost of the examination and vaccinations will differ for each applicant.

Not a thorough examination

The immigrant visa medical examination will conduct screening for some medical conditions only that U.S. Public Health Service identifies for U.S. immigration purposes. It is not a complete physical examination and should not be taken as an alternate for physical examination, proper diagnosis, thorough consultation or necessary treatment, by suggested by your health care provider.

When performing the examination, the health care expert might detect other health concerns and then suggest you with further diagnosis or treatment.

Know your medical history

Mental problems

If you are suffering from learning disabilities or mental retardation, you need to present a detailed report that illustrates your exact problems and any special requirement related to education or supervision.

If you had any past record of violent behavior that caused injury to people or animals, then you should provide valuable information that will enable the physician to know if your behavior was somewhat related to any medical problem or use of alcohol. Thus, your harmful behavior means doing self-harm or attempted suicide, despite how minor it is in nature.

In case you had been treated earlier or hospitalized for psychiatric reasons or drug abuse, then you must provide written certification that consists of proper diagnosis, time period for the treatment and further prognosis.


If you had performed a positive skin test for tuberculosis, it is necessary to carry a certificate from your doctor that describes about the circumstances related to positive test result and denotes if the treatment was prescribed and for how much time.

If you were diagnosed for tuberculosis, then you should be able to provide a written certification, as signed by your health expert that authenticates you were properly treated. The certificate should have the dates and kinds of medication you had taken.

In case you had undergone an abnormal chest x-ray, it is necessary to arrange for the last x-ray films and bring them at the appointment. The actual might be needed in order to compare with x-rays that will have to be taken at immigrant visa medical examination.


If you have had syphilis, then it is essential to carry a written certificate signed by your health official that proves you had been treated.

When you had a positive VDRL or other blood test for syphilis and were not treated properly, you should bring a written explanation signed by the health care expert.

Pregnancy and Chest x-ray

  • Country that uses 2007 TB Technical Instructions

In case of pregnant woman, she should give her consent to chest x-ray even when she is pregnant, as it is needed. This has to be done for the health of the mother and her would-be-born baby, panel physicians and laboratories need to provide pelvic as well as abdominal protection with wrap-around lead shields at the time of performing chest x-ray.

  • Country at the time of using 1991 TB Technical Instructions

The requirement for chest x-ray in case of pregnant women should be exempted temporarily. In order to grant temporary exemption, you will have to carry a written certification of her pregnancy that had been signed properly and outline the problems, the present treatment, and further prognosis. You will have to carry the list of medications you are already taking.

Menstrual Period

The female applicants will have to perform medical examination even when they pass through their menstrual period. Thus, you need to get in touch with your health care expert and do necessary tests and treatments done in order get visa.

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