Is Laser Hair Removal a Permanent complete treatment Method?

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?
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Laser hair removal is an effective process as it involves the removal of unwanted hairs in the body, but do they provide permanent results.

There are a lot of hair removal methods available like waxing, shaving, and others. These methods are either time-consuming or will take time to deliver permanent results. But laser hair removal is one of the few options that will help to long-term results and you can get it in a shorter period. Also, laser hair removal is one of the most common procedures followed by a lot of people.

Laser hair removal is the most popular hair removal option which helps in minimizing hair growth by damaging the hair follicle. The laser treatment is applicable for all skin types, and all hair types. We all know that laser helps to obtain long-term results in the hair removal process, but no one is sure that whether the treatment produces permanent hair removal results.

How does laser removal work?

The laser hair removal treatment using high-heat laser beans in the form of mild radiation and these radiations will start affecting the hair follicles. The hair follicles get damaged because of the radiation heat.

The hair follicles are located on the surface of the skin, and it is the most important element for your hair growth. So, if the hair follicle gets damaged, then there will be a reduction in hair growth.

The laser method is considered the best as it targets the hair follicles, where other hair removal methods target only the surface hair and it doesn’t affect the hair follicle. So, there will be hair growth, but in laser, it will provide long-term results.

Is hair removal permanent?

The best part of the laser treatment is that it targets the hair follicle, so there will be no hair growth for a longer period. But when it comes to the permanent result, then it is not. Because over time, you may observe hair growth in the targeted area, but it won’t be effective as you will see lighter and fine hairs.

Maybe you can repeat the treatment, which will help to reduce hair growth. Also, in certain cases, there is a chance to eliminate all the hairs. The reason for the hair growth is if any of the hair follicles are not damaged, then you may see hair growth but it won’ be much effective. Because during the treatment, it is not possible to destroy every single hair follicle, so certain people will experience hair growth.

But you may get permanent results from the laser hair treatment if you continue doing the treatment. When compared to the other hair removal methods laser method is painless, and also provides effective results but it is a little expensive. Laser treatment may be a permanent hair reduction process, but still, our body will regenerate the weaker hair follicles.

Do you need multiple sessions in laser hair removal? says you if you need permanent results, then you need to do multiple sessions and the session will entirely depend on the body type, hair growth, and the area to be targeted. But the average session for a person is to have four to six weeks.

To complete the full treatment cycle, you need 9 months. Even after the treatment also, there will be hair growth but it won’t be effective as before the treatment. The texture and color of the hair will be lighter in color. At the beginning of the session, the hair growth will be reduced by 15% to 20%, and the rate of reduction will improve only when the session gets repeated.

Also, you need to do an occasional maintenance session and this will stop the growth of the hair follicles. You don’t need to do the maintenance treatment every month, and this can be done once a year. The maintenance treatment depends on the individual needs, and also this is applicable only when you have finished the initial round of laser hair removal treatment.

How long does hair removal last?

If your hair follicle is destroyed completely, then the laser hair removal process will give permanent results. But every hair follicle is not destroyed in a single session it needs multiple sessions and occasional maintenance.

Depending on the person’s individual hair growth only, the time taken for the hair growth will be considered. Certain people observe faster hair growth when compared to other people. But once you have done the laser hair removal treatment, then it takes a longer period for the next hair growth phase.


The main role of laser hair removal treatment is to remove unwanted hair from your body. Apart from the hair removal process, the laser treatment has certain other benefits which are mentioned below;


The best part of the laser hair removal method is it is applicable for all skin tones and hair types. But the laser treatment mainly targets the darker and coarser hair and it helps in the hair removal process without affecting the surrounding skin.


The time taken by the laser treatment is a fraction of seconds, and it will target the many hair follicles at a time. So, every second the laser is treating a large patch of area. Smaller areas like the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute. When you are targeting the larger area like the leg or back then it will take up to 1 hour.


Once the initial laser treatment has been finished, you will experience lighter hair growth after several months. But some people experienced permanent hair loss after three to seven sessions.

Bottom Line:

Laser hair removal is one of the best options to choose from if you are not comfortable with the hairs all over the body. But before proceeding with the laser treatment, you need to consult your dermatologist to avoid future problems. Also, laser treatment won’t help in providing permanent results, but it will slow down hair growth for a longer period.

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