IVF Babies Disadvantages – You Should Know Before Treatment

IVF Babies Disadvantages - You Should Know Before Treatment
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IVF is like a boon to those who cannot have a baby for some reason. It is great. Now any woman can become a mother and have a baby in their home. No doubt IVF is good, but many studies had done that show the disadvantages of IVF babies in the past. We are not against IVF, but it is important to know the IVF babies disadvantages before taking any treatment.

This article will try to cover almost all disadvantages of IVF babies at their mental and physical levels. But before moving towards that, it is important to know the difference between IVF and natural conception.

Difference between IVF and Natural Conception

In IVF, the fertilization of sperm and egg occurs outside the female body. In natural conception, fertilization occurs inside the body. It is the only difference between IVF and natural conception. Otherwise, everything is the same, so the chances of having IVF babies’ disadvantages are close to zero here. The only thing you can control is having treatment in the right clinic. We recommend you to try Aastha Fertility, a fertility clinic in Jaipur.

There are many conventional beliefs like artificial babies are born by In vitro fertilization. They are true because the maturation of a baby started outside the body only. Scientists are trying hard to break all the conventional beliefs related to IVF babies. Our modern science is trying to make the IVF baby as healthy as natural. But then also there are some disadvantages which IVF babies face.

IVF Babies Disadvantages

Nowadays, IVF babies are as healthy as natural babies. But there are some rare cases in which IVF babies face some physical and mental health issues.

The first one is cancer. You can call cancer the biggest disadvantage of IVF babies. The chances of having cancer in IVF babies are much greater as compared to normal babies. It does not mean every child will have it. There are very rare chances. However, IVF is a safe procedure done by experienced doctors. No doubt, you must go for it, it has high success rates in India.

Another disadvantage in IVF babies is a birth defect. According to some researches, the chances of having a birth defect in IVF babies is slightly higher than in natural babies. In addition, many other diseases may occur in IVF babies like any other normal baby. However, IVF babies look natural, the same as any natural baby. After all, the complete development of a baby is done inside the body of the mother.

IVF Babies Mental Health

Are IVF babies smarter? Yes, maybe sometimes. According to one research, IVF babies have more IQ levels than normally conceived babies. It is not a disadvantage for IVF babies. It is a good thing your baby has something special.

Sometimes this IQ level is more because of their parents. Normally, the parents of a baby born IVF are more aware than of a baby with natural conception. It is because parents are deeply aware of the behavior of IVF babies. That’s why they got special attention than others. Feeling special is good for babies but not always. It makes them over-dependent on their parents, which leads to a lack of confidence and other problems.

According to some latest reports, IVF babies may face some psychological problems when they enter adolescence. It is the time when a child takes responsibility and becomes mature. Chances of having psychological problems are one of the major disadvantages of IVF babies. A doctor can easily treat physical problems if it is not a very big disease. However, having a psychological problem requires some extra awareness.

You can easily tell someone about your physical problem, and he will easily understand it. However, when you tell someone about your psychological imbalance, people laugh at you. It is the reason it is one of the biggest disadvantages which IVF babies face.

Final Say

To conclude the above article, cancer, birth defects, and psychological problems are disadvantages of IVF babies. Not all babies have these problems. There are very rare chances of having these, but it may happen sometimes. No doubt, you must go for an IVF baby. It’s great for those who are unable to have a baby through natural conception.

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