What Are the Best Jobs That Work With Animals?

jobs that work with animals
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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, working with animals can earn median wages of up to $87,590. Working with animals is great for people who need a job and are passionate about earth’s creatures.

Depending on the job you get, you could work with anything from furry pets to reptiles and even wild animals! Follow along as we check out the best jobs that work with animals.


Zoologists, also known as wildlife biologists, look at animals through a scientific lens. This job is great because of its multi-environment structure. While Zoologists do get out and interact with animals, they also spend considerable time in labs, running tests and analyzing data.

A zoologist studies animals at a range of different levels- from genetics and behavior to health and nutrition. Choosing a career path as a zoologist offers many roads from specialties like primatology (the study of apes) and herpetology (the study of amphibians).

Wildlife Rehabilitator

As one of the most rewarding jobs that work with animals, wildlife rehabilitation provides hands-on wildlife experiences each day. These workers rescue, recoup, and reintroduce wildlife to their natural habitats or a sanctuary.

Though rewarding, this job is tough. Aside from job hazards like wild animal attacks, wildlife rehabilitators also experience a lot of loss.

Before starting a path toward wildlife rehabilitation, you should prepare yourself for the sad fact that they cannot all be saved. However, the ones that do return to the wild or get released into a sanctuary make the loss and hard work worth it.

Pet Adoption Counselor

Pet adoption counselors are sought-after positions for people who adore pets. Pet adoption counselors educate prospective pet owners and help them select their new furry companion.

They also do home visits to assure the pets will have their basic needs met. It’s an important job that reduces animal abuse, neglect, and shelter re-entry numbers.

Dog Walker

Dog walking is an easy way to earn some extra cash and help out other animal lovers in your neighborhood. Now, becoming a dog walker is easier than ever with apps like Rover and Wag that help you start your own pet business from your phone.

As your business grows, you can also expand your qualifications, offering new services like training and boarding. Building your skills allows you to create a full-time career around spending time with pets.

Certified Cat Trainer

Cats have a reputation for doing whatever they want, whenever they want. So much so that people don’t think training cats is an impossible feat. Certified cat trainers beg to differ.

Felines are often easier to train than dogs because they have a more obvious reward/punishment structure: If you feed them, they love you. Moreover, you can turn cat training into a lucrative career.

The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants offers a Certified Cat Trainer (CCT) designation, which requires applicants to demonstrate knowledge and experience in feline behavior modification. You can become a certified cat trainer in as little as 5 months at the animal behavior college.

Looking For More Jobs That Work With Animals?

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to jobs that work with animals. From rewarding experiences to intellectual enrichment and heart-pounding danger, there’s an animal-centric job for anyone.

Now sure if any of these are right for you? Our career and jobs articles makes finding a job easy with the best advice and career ideas to inspire your next big move! Check them out today.

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