The Brief and Only Laboratory Essentials Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Laboratory Essentials Checklist
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Are you planning on doing scientific research in your own laboratory? Scientific research is always in demand with lots of opportunities for research labs. Opening a lab requires a lot of preparation and thought, as well as an investment of time and money.

From great leadership to stringent record-keeping, to the right equipment, and safety rules, there are some crucial components that every lab needs.

Here’s a brief laboratory essentials checklist to help you get started.

The Right Leader

Operating a scientific research lab is not easy and one of the first things you’ll need is a good leader. The lab manager keeps the lab running well and makes sure the principal investigator stays on track. The manager needs great communication skills and the ability to resolve any conflicts.

A strong lab manager also has good financial management skills because most labs survive on funds from donors and research grants. Occupational health and safety awareness is another responsibility for lab managers.

Before opening a lab, ensure that you have a strong lab manager.

Lab Equipment and Safety Equipment

Labs are full of equipment such as GC vials, beakers, Bunsen burners, measuring instruments, and more. Laboratory equipment varies depending on the type of research. Most labs have hundreds of pieces of equipment.

Along with all the necessary research equipment, you’ll also need lots of safety equipment.

Safety is paramount when doing any STEM field research in the lab. All lab employees must have and use the proper safety equipment when conducting lab research.

Safety Rules

Safety rules are as important as safety equipment in the lab environment. Labs are dangerous places when the rules aren’t known and followed. Have written rules and post them in a visible place in the lab.

Safety training is non-negotiable in a research lab.

Accurate Record-Keeping Equipment

Serious danger results from inaccurate record-keeping in the lab. Accurate data is the backbone of any research conducted in the lab and all test results depend on that accuracy.

Ensure that all lab personnel understands proper weights and measures, accurate recording, and how to recognize faulty equipment. The importance of accuracy in the lab can’t be overstressed.

Proper Lab Cleanliness

Cleanliness in a research lab is as important as cleanliness in a hospital or clinic. A dirty and unkept research facility can result in bad or contaminated test results.

Cleanliness is also important in avoiding cross-contamination of samples which can also cause inaccurate lab results. A full cleaning protocol is necessary for a high-functioning lab. Put in place rigorous cleaning procedures and make sure all employees follow them.

Basic Laboratory Essentials Checklist

Use the above laboratory essentials checklist to get started with your lab today. Operating a research lab is a big responsibility and you want your research results to stand out for their accuracy. By ensuring you’re doing everything on this list, you’ll have confidence that you’re operating a reputable, accurate research lab.

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