Laptop Repairs – What Are the Options?

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It is a reality that your laptop is failing at some point. When doing so, it is important to know what you as a consumer can do to help yourself and reduce downtime. If you cannot turn it on, remove the battery and plug it directly into the wall outlet (wall socket) through the adapter. If it starts, it is a bad battery, which is an easy solution. So many issues I have encountered have to do with the battery. Most of us keep the charger plugged in all the time, which is not a good idea. This will end up destroying the battery. As a general rule of thumb, allow the battery to drain to approx. 3-5% and then start the charging cycle again. When full, unplug it and repeat the cycle. Your battery lasts much longer. If the battery is not the problem, it may be the adapter. Try running it without the adapter connected; sometimes simply replacing the adapter can solve the problem. These are examples of easy solutions that most consumers can easily arrange themselves. If the two suggestions above do not work, it’s time to check your receipt to see if your laptop is still under warranty.

Great if it is, not so good if it is not. And now that? A professional would be the best option here because laptops are complicated and complex items that need to be repaired and it requires a lot of skill, knowledge and patience to diagnose them correctly. There are basically two types of repairers available at FX it Right. The first is the traditional workshop for computers and laptops, or today repair services for mobile devices the same day as they conveniently arrive at your home or workplace. They offer professional services just like the store and have the skills to accurately diagnose on site and give you an estimate of the repair costs. Choosing a repairman is not easy. First, I would talk to a friend or colleague at work and find out if they know anyone they have used in the past and are happy with. Appraisals are very important in this industry. A Microsoft certification is always respected, just like a CompTIA, and even a qualification in electronics is useful. These mixes will be a good starting point for finding a good repairman. Ask as many questions as necessary. Questions like; Which brands do you earn the most? turnover rate? Qualifications obtained? written offer? repair warranty? How long has the repairman been working? Just to name a few.

Another option would be to go back to the manufacturer and ask if they have a service center near you. This type of repair is usually more expensive than a generic repair company, but at least by this option you know that it will be repaired by the company that made the laptop.

In the end, it always comes down to cost. If a new motherboard or combination of parts is required, repairing the laptop may not be economically viable. In such cases, a new replacement may be cheaper. Do your math first, because if you have to buy new software licenses along with the price of a new laptop, the whole exercise becomes a big money pit, so to speak.

In general, the result should be positive, whether you choose a traditional store, a mobile service or a repair center from a laptop. Everyone wants your business, and in this tough economic climate, the ultimate goal is for it to come back.

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