Laravel and Vue.JS: What’s Behind the Success of This Duo?

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Laravel and Vue.js belong to two different worlds. While Laravel is the best PHP framework, Vue.js is a well-known Javascript framework. 

Now you must be wondering why we are bringing these two together.

What purpose gets solved by deciding to hire Laravel developers and Vue.js programmers together? 

To know what wonders these two can together do, you have to go through a detailed overview of both. And, in this write-up, we will introduce you to all you need to know to bring the best use of this duo. 

Let’s get started!


Acquiring the position of the best, Laravel is an open-source and free PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell. The intent behind developing Laravel is to improve productivity. The framework always keeps coming with new versions and updates, which has made it stay enriched with n number of functionalities. It is one of the most loved choices of developers worldwide. 

Laravel also offers a bunch of features. Here are the top ones:

Template Engine

The lightweight templates of Laravel enable you to create astounding layouts by making use of dynamic content seeding. It also has various widgets with CSS and JS codes with solid structures. The Laravel templates are specialized in building simple layouts.

Eloquent ORM

PHP implements ORM (Object-Relational-Mapping) for the active record pattern. It lets you show database tables as classes, which means you can define a class. 

Automatic Package Delivery

Laravel, with its convenient solutions, made installing data packages easier. The Automatic Package Delivery in Laravel detects the packages that the user wants to install on its own.


The in-build tool in Laravel for CLI (Command-Line-Interface) is known as the Artisan. It is used to develop a database structure, a skeleton code, etc. It can also be interlaced to create the basic MVC files through the command-line and handle those assets and their configurations.

Database Migration

The Artisan, (Command Line Interface in Laravel) contributes to making the migration of databases and seeding a lot easier. 

Keeping the database work in migrations and seeds makes migrating the changes to another development machine convenient. You can simply hire a Laravel programmer and get your task of database migration going smoothly. 


Vue.js developed by Evan You is an open-source and advanced Javascript framework that, with its adaptable architecture, helps design interactive UI (User Interface) along with single-page applications. The focus of Vue.js is declarative rendering and component composition.

It is also quite popular among developers worldwide for its ability to simplify web development processes. Here are its best features:

Data Binding

The data binding allows the user to use the web browser to manipulate the elements of a webpage. Having HTML as one of the dynamic parts, it doesn’t need any complex scripting or programming. With data binding, the values can be managed and assigned to HTML attributes. 

Virtual DOM

The changes done in Vue.js are not shown directly in the DOM; rather, a copy of DOM gets developed as a JavaScript data structure. 

And if any further revisions are required to be made, they are carried out in the JavaScript of the data structure. The comparison is then made with the initial data structure. This entire process tends to save a lot of time on your end. 


There are multiple ways to apply transition in HTML elements while addition or removal from DOM in Vue.js. There is a built-in transition component that provides a transition effect when wrapped around the element. Third parties can also be approached in order to get a more comprehensive array of transitions. 


The best portion about using Vue.js is the reusability of the components. With them, you can stretch the HTML elements to contain the reusable code.


Vue.js arrives with HTML-based templates, which serve the purpose of binding the DOM with Vue instance data. These templates are compiled by Vue.js with virtual DOM Render functions. There is a need to replace the template with the render function to use the render function template efficiently.

Why Laravel and Vue.js Should be Used Together?

Despite coming from different backgrounds, these two frameworks have a lot to bring on the table with each other’s support. Let’s look at the reasons that make this duo worth the use. 

All at Front-end

The goal of web applications today is to offer the utmost performance with seamless user experience. And with the use of Laravel and Vue.js, changes would happen to occur to the front-end. This diminishes the need for the users to reload a page. 

Reactive Components 

With Vue.js, you can develop a full-fledged web app that would manage activities on the front-end. There are also composable components that can be brought to use as per the wish. 

And since Vue.js goes well with Laravel, there is only a need for a few attempts to request data from your Laravel app along with making changes to UI by switching components without having to reload the page.

SPAs (Single Page Applications)

If there’s anything that the internet is booming with lately, that’s the SPAs.

Creating a Vue Single Page Application with Laravel is a wonderful and winning combination for further developing clean and dynamic API-driven apps. With Vue.js router and a Laravel backend, you can successfully build your SPA in the desired manner. 

Efficient Usage

Both Laravel and Vue.js are efficient when it comes to using. And using them together is quite easy and exciting. 

If you didn’t face much trouble with using PHP, you are good to go with Laravel. All it requires is some logic and a sharp mind to get along with it. 

The extensive documentation of Laravel, along with a broad community, can be of great use to you. 

Vue.js provides simplicity and flexibility to its users. Being developer-friendly, progressive, and size-efficient makes it ideal for getting highly productive and assured results. 

There’s no doubt that the duo of Laravel and Vue.js can do wonders! 

Parting Thoughts

Now that you finally have an idea of how these work together for your project’s success, you are just required to hire expert PHP programmers who know Laravel well along with excellent Vue.js programmers. 

Be it individually or together, both Laravel and Vue.js possess the capability of revamping the world of web development with their features and functionalities. 

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