Learn Where You Can Find the Best Jobs in Malaysia as Foreign National

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Malaysia is a popular job destination for many fresh graduates and experienced professionals from around the world. With its amazingly progressing economy this country has brought out great employment opportunities for many. Although, finding a job here can be really competitive but if you focus on the right sectors and best opportunities where supply of skilled professionals is lower than demanded then it can be a winning situation for you.  So, if you are the one looking for job in Malaysia, then read this article to get take the right path for your job search. 

Learn Where You Can Find the Best Jobs in Malaysia as Foreign National

Learn Where You Can Find the Best Jobs in Malaysia as Foreign National

Malaysia as a country has a great work culture and as per various researches it attracts nearly 5% of the total foreign employees every year from around the world. The competitive drive makes professionals pretty persistent here to look for jobs in the right sectors. 

Malaysian job market majorly sustains on its tertiary sector also named as service sector hence the major work force of the country is expected to contribute to the sectors such as automotive, construction, electronics, financial services, medical technology and tourism. In addition to this, Malaysia also drives huge income from three other sources these are agriculture, oil & gas and Biotechnology.  

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Which are highly demanded for jobs in Malaysia?

Every year Malaysia launches its list for critical occupation in the country. This lists approximately 60 job types where the country has critical skill shortage. The top 5 from that list are as follows:

  • Top Management Professionals: Malaysian companies has a huge requirement for skilled top-level management. These profiles require candidates to have strategic knowledge and abilities. To get selected for these jobs one must have a relevant work experience and should have the eligible work visa. 
  • Finance Professionals: Finance is a growing sector in Malaysia. Fintech is one of the booming sectors where in the potential candidates are expected to have a great command over financial software. The job roles in this sector includes payroll, bookkeeping, e-money, blockchain etc. To get a job in this sector, one needs to have strong knowledge and great work background in finance jobs. 
  • Human Resource Professionals: Human Resource is one of the most demanded job roles in Malaysia. To get this job one needs to have the requisite qualification and knowledge of software. 
  • Creative Professionals: Creativity is  demanded in many of the job roles in Malaysia and the way it interacts with technology is crucial for many professions in the country hence, this group of jobs in Malaysia includes job roles such as media, graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers, advertising, public relations, event managers, copy writing. So, the candidates who have attained the creative degrees in any of these areas and have the required work experience as per the position can apply for these creative jobs in Malaysia.
  • Research and Development professionals: Research and development is another important area for Malaysia. There are various jobs that require research and development. To attain a better economic position and strategic benefits it is crucial to hire professionals who have right set of skills for this domain. 

So, these are the top five jobs that foreign professionals can opt for in Malaysia.

What are the Rules for Visa and Work Permit to obtain jobs in Malaysia?

  • In order to get work permit in Malaysia as a foreign national one should have a passport with remaining validity for 18 months.
  • At the time of filing the application, the age of the foreign professional should be not be more than or equal to 27 years (23 years if it is for IT sector).
  • The application for Work Permits can be submitted only when a candidate gets job in Malaysia. 
  • It is the right of the ministry of labor In Malaysia to issue work permits for the time period of 6 months to 5 years at max. 

So, if you are the one looking for jobs in Malaysia then read this article and find the best job profile as per your qualification and work experience. 

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