Let’s switch to Hemp Fabric and conserve water.

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Water is one of the prominent natural resources. It is abundantly available in nature, is what has believed a few decades ago. But can we claim the same now? How can hemp Fabric help us in the water crisis on our planet. Unfortunately, we can’t! It is very sad that approximately 2 billion people around the world do not have access to a very basic natural resource, i.e., clean drinking water. Forget clean; the water itself has become a resource that needs to be conserved now.

In the name of development and modernization, we have begun torturing our very dear green planet. Our need to own luxury and stylish lives has made us forget about the consequences of our actions. We have forgotten or perhaps have started turning a deaf ear to the issues that are actually occurring in the present scenario. We have become way too cruel and concentrate more on our needs and wants. We are directly or indirectly associated with the destruction of nature.

Deforestation, landslides, drying up of water bodies, and the shrinkage of natural resources are the direct outcome of our desires to live a so-called modern life. It is not wrong to want the best for yourself. That’s not what we mean to say. But there are also options at present in the market that are not harmful to nature and could keep our planet green!

Hemp is believed to be one of the oldest textiles; almost 10,000 years ago, it was into use. However, because of its association with the marijuana family, it had been banned in many countries. In India, it was banned in the year 1985 by the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. It had disappeared from the market and social scene for a long period of time since then. But after Uttarkhand decided to take the step of getting it into the scene, back hemp has been able to make its mark in the market as the most sustainable fiber!

Hemp Fabric is made up of magical fiber that could do wonders, much more than we could imagine. Hemp is from the same family of marijuana but has been useless in the rumors and controversy for over a long period of time. Hemp has incredible properties when it comes to choosing it as fiber for our day-to-day use. 

It is anti-allergic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal and also gives protection from the UV Rays that is extremely harmful to our skin. Using Hemp can protect us from diseases like skin cancer. It is breathable in nature and hence in the current scenario, has been doing very well in the production of face masks. Its super absorbent quality makes it a comfortable option for the summers. Organic, Pure, Natural, and Sustainable. What else do you need from fiber?!

With the hue and cry about the shrinking of our natural resources at present, it is high time we become alert, sensitize the people and take the right step by choosing the right options. 

Hemp can help us conserve water in following ways:

  • Cotton is the most popular and widely used fiber around the globe. The water consumption like its usage is higher than hemp fabric. 
  • Hemp requires only one-third of the water than cotton, which means we switch to a sustainable option by benefitting our planet as well as conserve our natural resources.
  • Our water bodies are mostly polluted by the textile industries. Hemp, on the other hand, needs no chemicals for its production. Resulting in no toxic elements dropping into the water bodies. This saves our water bodies from getting polluted. Absolutely eco-friendly!
  • Hemp grows very quickly in the range of 80 to 120 days by using minimal nutrients from the soil. The nutrients remain intact and can grow more crops without the need for extra water. Saves water this way!

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