Making Custom Beard Oil Boxes Safe for Bottles

making custom beard oil boxes safe for bottles
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Customers will be dissatisfied if their beard oil bottles have been shattered during shipment. But how do you minimize this threat to a bare minimum? A million-dollar problem with a low-cost fix.

For this purpose, custom beard oil boxes are the greatest match for your brand! You read that properly. Fast Custom Boxes’ skilled designers explain how to securely store your oil bottles in these custom printed beard oil boxes in this post.

What Is the Purpose of Custom Beard Oil Boxes?

These beard oil boxes, as the name suggests, are not the same as the ordinary boxes we use to load various items. You can have a plethora of customizations available to you for a single objective. That is to say, to rule the market.


  • The packaging for this beard oil is unique in that it is available in any size you desire.
  • There are also attractive and neatly printed templates available.
  • With these additions, beard oil boxes become attractive enough to catch the attention of your target buyers.
  • You have control over the cost and can keep it within your budget.

The Value of Sturdy Boxes

Sturdy wholesale beard oil boxes keep your bottles safe while in transit through the consignment.


  • Keep your beard oil bottles safe.
  • Protect your brand from redelivery.
  • Be able to withstand all types of adverse weather conditions.
  • Easily transportable in places with poor road conditions.
  • Make sure your bottles are properly insulated.
  • Maintain their normal temperature.


  • A little more pricey than other boxes
  • Allow extra time for manufacturing.

Suggestions for Security

To ensure the safety of your custom printed beard oil boxes, you can use numerous protective devices when packing bottles. This section details all of the steps you should follow to ensure the safety of your beard oil package.

1. A double-walled cardboard sheet

If you’re shipping personalized beard oil boxes out of state, make sure they’re double-walled cardboard.


  • This industrial material is crushed at high pressure to make it ultra-durable.
  • This board is available in a number of customizable thicknesses.
  • You’ll be able to purchase the exact thick boxes you need to keep your bottles safe.


  • Thick walls may slightly increase the weight of your box.
  • Double-wall sheets cost more than single-wall boxes.

2. Individual Inserts

Custom inserts are frequently utilized when delivering two or more bottles in one packing package. You can also use this insert to keep a single bottle in place.


  • It reduces jerks and vibrations.
  • By doing so, you can keep custom printed beard oil boxes safe from all kinds of mishaps.
  • Improve the look of your beard oil.
  • Provide a distinct opening experience


  • None

3. Exceptional Fit

This option is not available with standard-sized premade packing boxes. Wholesale beard oil boxes come in a range of sizes.


  • Empty holes in the beard oil package avoided.
  • It can help keep the bottles in place during transportation and reduce shaking of all kinds.
  • You will also limit the possibility of harm to your oil bottles in this manner.


  • None

4. Using Bubble Wrap

If you want to make your personalized beard oil boxes particularly secure, you can wrap them in bubble wrap. It has a number of advantages.


  • It is lighter in weight.
  • It will not increase delivery prices.
  • It will protect your fragile bottles during transit.
  • Bubble wrap is conveniently accessible.
  • Bubble wrap is an excellent effect insulator.


  • None

5. Packaging in a Box

Wholesale beard oil boxes with a box-in-box design provide additional protection for your bottles. These boxes are comprised of a little luxury box and a large strongbox that contains peanuts within the small box. These beard oil packing options are ideal for fragile and costly beard oil bottles.


  • Protect your merchandise from theft.
  • Provides unrivaled protection
  • A very enjoyable opening experience.
  • Enhances the aesthetic of your packaging
  • Robbers find it difficult to estimate the value of your commodity.
  • By concealing the custom packages in a common outer box, the risk of thievery is reduced.


  • Additional customizations are required.
  • Adding two boxes doubles the price.
  • Packaging peanuts might increase the size of your box.


Safe shipping is a key aspect of determining your company’s net revenue. It is determined by the caliber of your personalized beard oil box. That is why bespoke boxes play such a significant role.

All of the preceding section’s protective gadgets and design aspects are available for addition to your custom printed boxes at Fast Custom Boxes.

We produce these boxes using the highest quality materials to boost the safety factor of your brand’s custom wholesale boxes.

We hope it will be useful.

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