Microsoft Edge, The New Way To Surf The Net

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Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s new Internet browser. First released in 2015 exclusively for Microsoft computer and consul devices. It has evolved over the last five years into a system that is now the most advanced on the planet. Edge Will by the end of 2020 most likely eclipse all other browser engines. Microsoft edge has so many features that is unlikely to do anything else but wash over the competition.


Microsoft Edge was first introduced in 2015. The developer Microsoft released it exclusively for Windows 10 operating in system enabled computers and for use on the Xbox One game console. At the time of its release Microsoft edge was using proprietary Microsoft programming. Specifically Microsoft Edge used the Edge HTML browser engine and Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine. Microsoft edge maintain the use of these proprietary programs through its next major update in 2017. At the time Microsoft made variations to Microsoft Edge that allowed Android and iOS devices to use it.

It was rebuilt and received major changes in 2019. Part of the rebuild included removing some of Microsoft proprietary systems in order to enable Chromium-based browser features. This included the implementation of the Blink and V8 engines into the program.  Microsoft edge system was made available for MacOS as part of this project. Additionally, Microsoft made preview versions of Edge available on earlier versions of the Windows operating system.


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Internet explorer was always going to be replaced by Microsoft Edge. Apparently, Microsoft felt this year  was the appropriate time to begin that process. On January 15, 2020 Microsoft initiated the first public releases of its newest variation of Edge. In June 2020 they began automatically updating windows 10, Versions 1803 to 2004, to use it by default. At the same time Microsoft ceased any and all development on Internet Explorer.

Microsoft will no longer be updating the 24-year-old web browser. However, Windows did state that they would continue to maintain Internet Explorer. The reason for this is that not all Windows OS computers are capable of running Edge. Windows 10 still has Explorer stall in order to maintain websites that can’t handle the new browser system. Also kept in order to maintain Microsoft Legacy program. It is believed that by 2025 all support for Internet Explorer will cease . By that time most websites on the should be using systems that are compatible Microsoft edge.

Microsoft Edge, The New Way To Surf The Net

Microsoft edge provides many shares that provide the same function as its immediate predecessor. One of these features is the Hub a sidebar that provides functionality similar to Internet Explorer’s download manager and favorites center. So essentially the Hub provide access to the favorites list, downloads, reading lists, and browser history. Another impressive feature of Edge are the integrated Adobe flash player and a PDF reader. The addition of both programs makes viewing Adobe PDF files easier than previous systems.

The most impressive features of Microsoft are provided through its integration with Microsoft online programs. these features notably provide voice control and dynamic information related to a search topic. another feature is reading function. This function allows Microsoft edge read selected information on a webpage out loud. Previously to achieve that function a user would have to download a dedicated reading program. One of Microsoft’s edge more well-received features is “Reading Mode”. this function provides the user a better experience with online webpages. It achieves it by improving the legibility of a webpage. To that end the function strips away all unnecessary formatting on a page.


Microsoft edge had these two promised features that were not available on its public release. The first was the promised support of the legacy Trident (MSHTML) layout engine. This would’ve provided it with backwards compatibility on older websites and programs. Microsoft decided not to include it after feedback from users decided not to include it. Instead they kept Internet Explorer installed alongside each to provide legacy access.

Browser extensions were the other feature that was supposed to be included. Browser extensions are used to improve user interface, block ads, and manage cookies. Microsoft cited security issues for why the extensions were not immediately available. In 2019 browser extensions were been made available.  Microsoft still has not provided them in large numbers. It is telling that Microsoft has so little faith in the security of Edge that they minimize any modification. Or perhaps they just want users to have to watch web adds.


Microsoft Edge of the most part has received positive reviews. Most users enjoy the features and excellent performance of the system. There’s no doubt that Edge is an improvement over Internet Explorer. With the newest version available in 2020 opinions have remained generally positive. The newest updates to Edge have increased the number of extensions as well as integrated the chrome search engine. The Browser extensions have been source of some complaints.

Additionally, there’s been some criticism on the synchronization features. the usual statement being that they are incomplete and need work. one of the criticisms has been that Microsoft edge just Bing under a different name. Criticism also points out that by integrating chrome into Microsoft edge Microsoft has ceded independent browser engine. While this creates more compatibility between websites it also lessens competition in the web browser market. In the long run this could have unexpected consequences. One such being a period of stagnation in web search engine design. After all competition binges improvements. That argument doesn’t always hold true with Explorer being a clear example. No matter what the future holds soft or the Internet in general one thing is clear. Microsoft edge has become the new board surf digital ocean.

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