How Mobile Technologies Help Merchants in Bringing Conversions for Startups

How Mobile Technologies Help Merchants in Bringing Conversions for Startups
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Setting up a startup is the start of a hectic journey with unpredictable wins and speed breakers. So using every tool you have at your exposure to thrive online is a must in the case of operating a startup business. However, doing these while building an android app can be quite tricky and difficult for online merchants. Most merchants don’t usually coordinate with android app development company and their preferences regarding the use of technology. This eventually can cause them to hold back on their business’s progress and in achieving the profits they deserve as well.

So keep a lookout on the latest android app development technologies and adapting to the ones that can easily enhance the quality of your android application is a must for merchants. Further,  it is also crucial for merchants to create a deeper understanding of their business as well so that they can make the right decision with the assistance of android app development services.

IoT and mobile apps are taking on a new role as part of technological solutions to track and manage the mobility of people, vehicles, and equipment to ensure public safety. In addition, technologies for personal and health monitoring will be in demand as the pandemic is projected to be part of our lives in the coming years.

With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into the top modern android application development technologies merchants can adapt to. But before we dive into that let us first understand the benefits of using modern technologies for Android application development.

Benefits of using modern technologies for Android application development

Android app development companies use modern technologies to allow the merchants to create a separate brand identity for their business. By using modern technologies merchants can easily have the following perks:

  • With the help of modern technologies, merchants can easily add new and out-of-the-box features which can efficiently enhance their brand images.
  • Further, modern technologies also provide faster performance which helps startup businesses to engage better with their users. 
  • Also adapting to new tactics and technologies can help merchants in avoiding security threats and app crashes. As they are curated to cater to handle high traffics. 

Top Technologies to Adapt To for Driving Conversions 

Choosing the right technology can not only make a huge difference in an application’s UI and performance, but it also helps the startups in driving higher engagement.  So analyzing the features and perks of every technology and how they synchronize with the business requirements is a must for the merchants. Below is a detailed list of some of the modern android app development company merchants can easily adapt to for achieving higher profits and sales: 

React Native

React Native is a javascript-based mobile application development technology. With the help of React Native merchants can easily create hybrid applications for both iOS and Android devices using the same codebase. Further, React Native also provides unique and out-of-the-box performance as well since it’s powered by React.


Flutter is an android application development library that allows developers to create amazing and out-of-the-box UI for mobile applications. It makes it easier for developers to provide their clients with an interactive and unique UI.   


Kotlin is the official language for android app development. It can also blend in with Java-based apps for providing them the required functionalities. It enables developers to create unique and lightweight android apps efficiently. 

To wrap up

Merchants can have a number of amazing new technologies to choose from for improving their applications. However, they must make wise choices to ensure that they can represent their brand efficiently while catering to their target audience. To adapt to the Android application development today for achieving higher profits and sales. 

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